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Take advantage of the Group Fitness Room for a Full Body Workout

For some people, the empty fitness room is a sanctuary, and since it has all the equipment you need to train your whole body, it can become a great space to get creative with your workout routine.


Our fitness rooms are equipped with all the equipment that you need to get a great workout in.

Starting with the essentials, there are dumbbells and kettlebells to choose from, or you can use the barbells with different weights if weightlifting is your preference. Or, if you prefer bodyweight exercises, you can always lay down a mat and utilize the free, roomy space you have to move around and get a good sweat on.

Since there is so much room in the group fitness space, many people choose to personalize a circuit routine for themselves by utilizing the sandbells, sliding discs, the steps, trampoline or the stability ball. The amount of different workouts and exercises you can create are endless.

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Below are some examples of equipment you can try next time the room is free. Make sure you grab a friend, relative or training partner and get creative with your workouts!

Trampoline: jumping is a great way for the body to act as a pump and a super fun way of getting cardio into your workout regiment. Unlike skipping rope, trampolines can be good for people who have joint pain and cannot do a lot of jumping on solid ground. Although often it is mistaken that jumping should only be for young people, the trampoline is wonderful for people who are older and wanting to train their agility and strengthen their bones and joints.


Step-Ups: this is an all around great tool to have and use. Whether it is for cardio, resistance training or plyometrics, the step-ups allow us to create and utilize a circuit style of training, or just simply an elevated platform to use. You can adjust the level of the step based on how high you are comfortable with by adjusting the platform bases where the step goes on top of. This essentially acts like a bench for those who want to do weight training using the step-up.

Half Bosu: this versatile equipment can be used right side up or downwards depending on what exercises you are doing. The half stability ball allows us to stand on it for balance either doing a squat, figure 8's or a dumbbell routine. This equipment challenges us to have stability in the core and the rest of our body when used right.

Gliding Disc: these circular discs help glide along the floor with very little resistance and therefore lets you move along the floor while maintaining control and posture throughout the exercises. These discs are great for slow controlled movements where core activation is the key. There are many types of exercises you can do using gliding discs so get creative and have fun!

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