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7 Tips to Managing Stress at Work

Work can be stressful. 

You might have the best job ever, but there will be days when the tasks pile up to the point where you overthink, you become anxious, and stress out. 

Stress can kick you off your mojo, which leads to a creative block, lack of concentration and focus, lack of attention-to-detail, and a decline in the overall quality of your work.

But, there are some ways you can manage the stress and brush off the pressure of the workplace! 

Go for a walk! 

Whether you're doing hard labour, like the trades field, or in an office all day long, one of the best de-stressors is going for a walk. 

Get on your feet, take a lap around the area, take deep breaths, and take your mind off of work for a brief period. This will allow you to gather your thoughts, calm your emotions, and take a break from the physical labour. 

Healthy snacks and fluids! 


Snacks and fluids are a great, short fix to refuelling your body and mind when you are in stressful moments. Certain foods and drinks that help boost concentration and focus are blueberries, dark chocolate, nuts, flax seeds, avocados, black coffee, oranges, pumpkin seeds, and green tea. 

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Get it off your chest

Talking to someone about how you're feeling is a great way to release some of the stressful toxins sitting in your head. Whether it's a co-worker, good friend, an open-minded manager, or if you have a professional therapist, no matter who it is, expressing your feelings and struggles will help you navigate your thoughts. 

Crank the tunes

Whether it's upbeat, positive music, or rock-&-roll, or something slow and soothing, music is a great way to get yourself into feeling a certain vibe. Music can be a conducive resource to helping you stay focused on the task at hand, removing outside distractions, allowing you to focus. 


Take your eyes off the screen

And don't take your eyes off the computer screen only to look at your phone. As mentioned before, take a walk, tilt your head back and relax for a short while, read a booklet, draw, sketch, write whatever is in your chest; do whatever you need to to get your eyes off the screen. 

Get off the chair and stretch! 

Stretching is one of the most effective things to get your blood flowing again, especially after being seated for the majority of the day. Or, if you've been doing hard labour, stretching is quite important to making sure you don't get injured, you don't aggravate any injuries and pains, and to sustain your physical movement. You do not want to get cramps, tighten up and have that sore feeling in the morning. 

Workout during the day! 

Some workplaces offer the ability to step out for a workout, or, if you don't have that option, be creative! Use your lunch break and workout, get a quick session on the treadmill, and eat your food in the office space. Breaking a sweat, staying active, getting those creative juices flowing will help you considerably, giving you a second wind and a boost of energy for the rest of the day. 

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