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How Meditation Can Boost Your Work Performance

Simply put, meditation is the act of paying attention to the experiences around you, as they happen. 

If done consistently, such a small and simple practice can have a huge impact on our overall mental wellbeing. As we mentioned in this blog post, mindfulness meditation has shown to be powerful in reducing stress, depression, controlling anxiety, boosting self-awareness and improving sleep habits.

And the good news is: all of these benefits can be used to improve the Working Brain! In this article, I am sharing with you the top 5 ways that a consistent mindfulness meditation practice can boost your performance at work! 


1. It will help you manage stress more effectively 


Do you often feel pressured, anxious and overwhelmed at work? Don't worry, you are not alone!

Today's workplace is getting more and more stressful. On the long run, all of these psychological pressure can have a huge impact on our overall mental health. That's why incorporating meditation into your routine is so important!

Through daily meditating practices, you will be able to more effectively manage all the pressure that is put on you. In fact, meditation has been scientifically proven to help relieve stress even after just eight weeks of regular practice!

2. You will feel more focused

Even a short 10-minute daily meditation session can already have an impact on your ability to focus. The explanation for that is very simple: meditating is basically training your brain to be focused. This way, your brain will be reprogrammed to more easily ignore distractions even when you are not meditating! 

This study showed that workers that went through a 2-month meditation course were more focused at work than those who took a relaxation training. Finally, as your ability to concentrate on your job greatly impacts your overall productivity, it is fair to say that meditation will boost your performance! 

3. You will feel more confident 

Lack of self-confidence can prevent you from effectively dealing with challenges at work and, consequently, limit you from achieving your full potential! Through mindfulness, you will be able to create a deeper and honest connection with your core self.

Meditation will boost your self-awareness and make you more comfortable with all of your personality features. During mindfulness practices, you are able to acknowledge your weakness and strengths in a compassionate and less critical way. This will automatically enhance your confidence in all aspects of your life, including work!

4. It will enhance your work relationships


Interpersonal relationships are probably one of the most common causes of conflict in the workplace. It's always a challenge to deal with personal differences and options. And that's why conflict management has become on the most important soft skills in the job market. 

Meditation will improve overall emotional intelligence (EI) and give employees the ability to have a more rational response to interpersonal conflicts that arise in the workplace. Meditators have boosted self-awareness, which allows them step back from disagreements, identify their triggers and control their emotional responses.  

5. It will boost your creativity 

Whether you work as an artist or an accountant, creativity is a very valuable trait to have in today's fast-passed workplace.  Creative employees are able to think outside of the box and come up with innovative ideas that can benefit businesses in different ways!

What you might don't know is that mindfulness can also help you improve your creative skills! That happens because meditation enhances key creativity drivers such as divergent thinking, convergent thinking, working memory and cognitive flexibility. 

These are very convincing reasons to meditate, huh? We hope this article encouraged you to start incorporating a meditation practice into your routine. Namaste! 

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