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How Long Should Your Workout Last?

"How long should my workout last?" That is a very common yet controversial question among gym-goers. 

According to research, your workout should last 45 minutes to 60 minutes, as after 60 minutes your testosterone level will start coming down, and your body will produce more cortisol; a hormone that eats muscle tissues and increase fat storage.

But there's more to take into account when deciding on your workout duration! 


It is important to keep in mind, what exactly "workout time" entails?

Is it from the time you get to the gym to the time you leave the gym? Are you adding change time? Are you adding warm-up, dynamic warm-ups, foam rolling, cardio, stretches and cool down time to your workout time or not? Are you adding the time you might waste talking to someone or checking your phone? Spotting someone or waiting for a machine?

If workout means the time you actually perform your workouts (i.e., lifting weights or performing your own body weight workouts), then yes within 45 to 60 minutes should be enough your. Note that his time does not include cardio, foam rolling and stretches, etc! 

However, very often things do not go as planned. You might run into some distractions, or wait for a machine or any other type of distraction can happen in the gym. It also depends a lot on who is performing the workout. It is definitely going to take a different time for someone who has the experience and has been performing the exercises for a while, than someone who is just going to begin to exercise. Beginners might need a longer time to learn how to master the form and technique of the exercise.

People's physical condition can play a big role in the workout time. Many athletes, for example, can workout for longer than 60 minutes and still get their muscles developed. Keep in mind that their exercise and nutrition plans are professionally designed for that.

Your workout time can also change depending on your fitness goal and type of workout you are performing. You can get a high-quality workout with the perfect conditions (i.e., no distractions or any time wasted in any way) within 45-60 minutes, if you know everything you are going to do in the gym. This time does not include warms ups, cardio and stretches! 

To sum up, your workout duration will depend on a series of personal factors. But one important thing to remember is that you must be focused and determined to finish your exercise at the specific time you set yourself. It is like wearing a helmet on your head that says "do not disturb". That is not only for outside distractions, but also for your internal mindset!

Need guidance on deciding your workout's duration and creating a optimized plan? Talk to one of our Personal Trainers! 

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