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How Are The GT12 Fitness Programs Curated?

Burn calories, save time, and make new friends? You'll want to sign up.

GT12 is Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club's version of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). 

This curated fitness program is designed to help participants burn calories, improve strength, and boost functional movement in a time-efficient way. 

Not only do you improve your health and fitness, you workout with a partner to hold each other accountable while building a community in the gym. 


Logan Dube, Director of Fitness Education, touched on GT12 and how the programs are designed on a monthly basis. 

"So I have written all the program since the beginning," they said. "I pull the exercises from all of the courses we teach internally from nashFIT 1, 2, and 3, TRX Suspension Trainer, RIP trainer, KB, Bulgarian Bag, Bodyweight Strength and Mobility, etc." 

Logan has also received suggestions from a few trainers, fitness managers, and even participants of the sessions on adding new exercises, and how they can enhance the monthly programs.

There are a number of factors considered, however, when the time comes to whip up the new programs. 

Each workout is made up of the following categories:

  • lower body - squat, hinge, bridge, lunge, split squat
  • upper body - push, pull, row, press
  • core - flexion, extension, anti-rotation, rotation
  • and cardio stations.

GT12's cardio stations are a mix of new, innovative machines that were brought in specifically for the program such as the Max Trainer, Airdyne bikes, rowers, sleds, tires, battle ropes, etc. and standard body-weight cardio exercises. 

"Every workout is total body, multi-planar," they said. "The overall idea is a higher intensity workout, that's why we recommend participation three times a week (not everyday)."

Different months have different themes, trying to progress similar to how a Personal Training program would. 

"Every workout is based on the same functional movement." they said. "When I write the programs, I go through a sort-of wave loading concept." 


For example, in January, it was more of an introduction. In February the endurance was increased, strength was the focus in March, power was the main theme in April, May touched on the foundations again, June added complexity with compound movements, so on and so forth.

"The goal is a mix of strength, endurance, power," Logan said. "With people joining the program at different times, the real key is the coach choosing which regressions/progressions to offer to their class based on who shows up in front of them that day." 

There's also a big benefit to consistent GT12 participants.

"(We're) allowing them to learn new skills, practice them and achieve a level of confidence and mastery before we move on to the next program/phase," they said. 

GT12 is the HIIT new program for you. There's no way you can miss out. 


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