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Success Story: How Bianca's training with SNFC saved her life

"This is not your typical weight loss journey."

Bianca began weightlifting and became serious about her fitness in 2015 when a friend, a Personal Trainer at Howe and Davie Fitness World, offered a discounted rate.


She had done minimal weight training, and her exercises had only consisted of 20 minute jogs and at-home yoga. Along with Personal Training sessions, Bianca would be in the gym three times a week between full-time school, and her physically-demanding hospitality work.

The following year, she had build a good foundation of muscle, enjoyed her gym routine, and was proud of the strength she had built. 

"I was in the best shape of my life," she said. "Thanks to motivations from a recent break up."

That all changed instantly.

"I was travelling abroad when I had an accident," Bianca said. "The doctor in the Guatemalan hospital diagnosed me with 6 fractured vertebra down my back." 

She had been given a soft fabric vest/corset to pull her shoulders back, and was cleared 10 days later to fly home.

"Back in Canada, a new x-ray showed I had in fact 9 fractured vertebra, including one in my beck that was vulnerable to further damage," she said. "The doctor could not believe I hadn't fully broken my neck, nevertheless died from the accident."

Bianca's doctor attributed her 'luck' to the great shape she had been in at the time of the accident.

The last two years of building a strong muscular foundation through her back and neck leaning out to 13% body fat was all that she had to save her life.

After two months of bed rest, moving back home with her family for 24-hour support, she began her road back to physical activity, hitting some amazing goals in the first 2-3 months back exercising.

"It gave me a whole new outlook that no moment should be wasted because you don't know when it will be your last. Cheesy, I know! It also taught me that going to the gym and being fit not only looks good, but will save your life! IF I hadn't been an avid gym-goer before, I don't believe I would be here today."

Amazing story, Bianca! We hope others are inspired by your story to stay healthy, and to gain a new perspective in life.

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