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Success Story: How Anita Overcame Her Fear Of The Gym And Became A Fitness Inspiration!

"You are going to die of obesity, before a heart attack".

This was Anita's 'wake-up call' 4 years ago when she went to the doctor after feeling chest pain. During 6 months, she thought about those words over and over again. Anita knew that she wasn't happy with her lifestyle.

She was always stressed out about her husband not being able to work due to a medical disability. Besides, her job was very stressful and she often felt frustrated for not being able to enjoy time with her kids due to her chronic joint pain.

Anita knew that she had to make a big change in her life, but she just didn't know where to start. She then decided to talk to a Personal Trainer and started making small changes to her diet. Next, Anita decided to exercise from home. At that time, she felt insecure and embarrassed to go to the gym because of her overweight. She didn't want other people watching her work out.


When Steve Nash Kelowna opened up my son wanted to join so I went down there to get a membership for him and I ended up joining the gym. Best thing I ever did. The staff were great. I would wear oversized shirts to hide my weight, I slowly progressed in my weight loss and now I am able to wear a tank top and not be ashamed.

Joining the gym and finally feeling comfortable about exercising in front of others took Anita to the next stage of her fitness journey. The non-judgmental way of how the gym staff welcomed her was fundamental in the process of overcoming the fear. 


The first couple of months I did the classes and was a regular, then I did some personal training for more posture correction, and then I went on to have some fun in the boot camps. Now, I am at the gym everyday working out and almost every day someone comes up to me saying I look fantastic as they have seen me loose the weight. I am now down 145 pounds and nothing is stopping me from my goals. No one should ever stop you in your goals.

Congrats, Anita! Your fitness journey is certainly an inspiration for many!

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