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Honouring SNFC Moms: Fitness Fanatic Ingrid Knight-Cohee

As Director of Group Fitness at Steve Nash Fitness Clubs, Ingrid oversees all group fitness programming and instructor standards for SNFC.

This includes creating and launching new innovative class formats, developing and maintaining a balanced and unique schedule at each club, and ensuring instructor quality and continued fitness education.

A typical week for Ingrid includes a rotation of club visits to connect with her Group Fitness Managers–who run the incredible day-to-day tasks of managing 380 instructors who deliver over 900 classes per week! She supports them as well as General Managers, Fitness Managers, and Personal Trainers in our company's collective mission to make fitness the best part of our members’ day. 

She also conducts meetings with various reps for potential new products or programs to keep our class offerings on the cutting edge, and organizes a wide variety of Group Fitness education and training courses, 6-12 months in advance. 

Interacting with members and helping them achieve their health and fitness goals through classes continues to be the most rewarding aspect of my job.

And would you believe she still teaches 3-4 group cycling and muscle conditioning classes per week? And she's a mom to two teenage boys? Keep reading to learn how this SNFC mom seems to do it all, even with a smile on her face!

Honouring SNFC Moms: Fitness Fanatic Ingrid Knight-Cohee

We recently asked Ingrid:

What do you love about fitness?

I have always loved fitness for the simple yet powerful way it can make me feel strong and accomplished, no matter what else has happened in a given day. I view my workouts as opportunities to focus, meditate, or escape, depending on my goals or stress levels. Physical fitness helps me keep up with my demanding schedule and family life, but even more valuable are the mental and emotional benefits of a good sweat or deep stretch. Being active serves to channel my energies into positive directions and ultimately empowers me to help others and be a difference maker.

How do you incorporate fitness into your personal life?

Time is definitely the most valuable currency these days. While my teaching can account for some of my workouts and is a super convenient way to fit in fitness, I find I still need my own personal workouts. I prefer anything outdoors, so it’s usually a run along the seawall or a bike ride out to UBC with my husband on weekends. When I’m short on time I hop on the treadmill for a 30min set of intervals or my own 30min yoga routine. At night, I’m all about my foam roller to soothe and recover in order to do it all again the next day!                         

How has fitness has influenced the way you parent?

The nature of mothering is to constantly give to your family. While this is a noble pursuit, what fitness has taught me is that if you don’t give to yourself in order to stay healthy and energized, you become less able to give to those who need you. I love being a mom, but I’ve learned that doing too much for my kids teaches a dependence that becomes crippling to everyone. In the context of fitness, you become stronger the more you lift – if someone else always does the heavy lifting you will never improve. I’m fortunate to have a fantastic husband to share in running a household, and is a true partner in developing our kids’ sense of responsibility and self-sufficiency.

We have two amazing boys, ages 19 and 15. In their younger years, we were quick to understand how movement, sports and fitness were essential to their healthy development and overall wellbeing. Research shows that boys in particular need to move and expend energy for improved learning capacity and concentration.

My husband was a pro basketball player and also happens to be a high school principal, so we were both very much on the same page when it came to making sure our kids got the activity they needed to develop skill and confidence to serve them well in both sports and life.

Honouring SNFC Moms: Fitness Fanatic Ingrid Knight-Cohee

We had them in a variety of activities to build coordination and strength: swimming, soccer, gymnastics, skiing/snowboarding, and even hip hop dance. After the 2010 Olympic Games, they both got into ice hockey and went on to high competitive levels. Now that they are independent teenagers, our older son doesn’t play hockey anymore, but likes to play basketball, weight train, and snowboard. Our youngest is still heavily into hockey, so we just aim to make sure he trains hard, fuels well, gets enough rest between games, and knows that we are his biggest fans.

What are your favourite activities to do with your family?

We love traveling and being active as a family. We’ve done a lot of skiing/snowboarding vacations, and in the summer we typically get out to hike, bike, and swim. We’ve walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and the Great Wall of China; we’ve gone white water rafting in Alaska, and swam in the Costa del Sol in Spain and in the Sea of Japan. Most recently, we took a trip to Mexico where we tried flyboarding and swam with dolphins. I’m a firm believer that there is no better education than exploring the world, and no better way to build character and special memories than by experiencing adventures together. 

Wow, what an active family! Kind of makes the rest of us feel a little bit inadequate, huh?

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