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Here's Why You Should Be Using The Hypervolt Massager!

The Hypervolt is a fantastic tool to add to your exercise kit for before, during, and after the work-out!

The three major benefits are muscle relaxation, increased circulation, and the enhanced myofascial release which will have direct effect on performance, recovery as well as better day to day movement!

Muscle Relaxation.

Imagine having your own personal massage therapist in your pocket all the time! Muscles are weakened by vibration, meaning they are not able to activate. Vibration over-excites the muscle so that it is not able to contract, allowing the muscle to loosen and lengthen for better flexibility temporarily!

One huge advantage of the Hypervolt is integrating it in to stretching and mobility exercises. This improved range of motion is important for an effective workout which can also be used to make that improved range permeant!!

Increased Circulation.

Applying vibration to your body is like turning the Jacuzzi jets on. Blood flow increases dramatically to the area where the Hypervolt is applied. Body temperature in turn rises, making the Hypervolt a great tool for warming up before the workout session. The Hypervolt also helps the lymphatic system to flush out the toxins in the body to dramatically speed up as well as help the body recover. 

Myofascial Release.

Myofascial is the connective tissue that extends throughout the body to provide support for the muscles and bones. Feeling tight or sore is a product of restricted myofascial connective tissue. One of the most common complaints I have about foam rolling I hear from my clients is that it is very time consuming, and they end up not doing it. What takes a foam roller twenty maybe thirty minutes, the Hypervolt gets done in a matter of seconds.

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