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GT12 Movement Feature: Introducing Loaded Carries!

There are 4 main fitness goals: weight loss, muscle gain, athletic performance and general wellness.

While there are specific programming choices made for each of those goals, there are also some basic movements that can be applied to any program. Loaded carries are about as basic as possible and they can (and should) be a staple, along with movements like push, pull, squat and hinge.

The Loaded Carries are a great fitness exercise!

Loaded carriesno matter what variation you choosechallenge the core more than any local exercise (ex. Sit ups, crunches) and also provide a test for grip strength and total body stability.

They can be used to get stronger, build muscle, burn calories, rehab an injury, or build work capacity. Some of my favourite variations challenge shoulder stability which are a great way to bulletproof this often vulnerable joint against injury!


For any variation you choose, it’s important to own the starting position and maintain full body tension throughout the duration of the exercise.

Prioritize a good neutral position so that load can be distributed evenly through the body. Failing to do this likely results in the weight loading into the lower back.

Loaded Carries with kettlebells are great!

Here’s the set up to make carries as safe and effective as possible:

  1. Pick up the weight
  2. Get hips, ribs and shoulders in alignment (a popular term for this is “stacked”)
  3. Brace your core
  4. Take small steps so your feet stay under you and maintain the stacked alignment
  5. Go the programmed distance/time and over time you’ll be able to add load



  • Moderate Load
  • Work 45 – 75 seconds
  • Rest 30 – 45 seconds
  • Sets 3 – 5


  • Heavy Load
  • Work 20 – 45 seconds
  • Rest 30 – 45 seconds
  • Sets 3-5

Check out the video for 8 variations to try in your workouts!

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