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5 Tips to Help You Get Over Laziness And Go To The Gym

"I'm too lazy." 

Laziness is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome when going to the gym. It cuts our energy level, it delays our plans, or prevents us from going out at all.

But, let's take a look at what laziness is; it's more than just a 'feeling.'

Laziness can be connected with your physical health, and your mental and emotional state. A lot of times, people don't realize that laziness can be a result of depression, anxiety, low self-esteem or confidence. 

There's also your body; those who are unhappy with their bodies feel physically incapable of improving their situation. 

However, as much as going to the gym and training and working out helps us physically... it will also help us mentally. 

First things first, identify that you need to make a change. 

Whether you're striving to look better, feel better, and improve the way your mind thinks about your body, identify what aspects of your life needs change. 

Is it your physical health? Your mental outlook? Once you know what needs improvement, you're motivating yourself to reach that point of success.. 

Once you know what to change, set your goals. 


Without setting accomplishments or goals, you won't know what to work on, and you won't have the measurements to check your progress. 

Set goals like: 

  • lose 20 pounds from now until a specific time
  • become stronger by a percentage
  • get abs! 
  • be content and happy with how you're moving
  • lift a certain amount of weights
  • do the splits!

These are just a few, but there are plenty of personal checkpoints to track if you've been making progress. 

Now that you know what you want, how can you become motivated? 

Number 1: Get enough sleep! 

Sleep is imperative; it's where the most of your natural energy comes from. The amount of sleep you get will directly affect whether you have enough in the tank to push yourself out of bed, into your workout gear, and out the door. It'll also significantly affect whether you can push through an entire work day and still go to the gym in the later part of the day. 

Without sleep, you'll feel it, which will lead to you telling yourself that you won't survive a session at the gym. When you're lifting weights, pushing your body and its heart rate, your mental outlook will be vulnerable. You will overthink and doubt that a workout on a low amount of sleep would be safe or "worth it." 

So, find out the ideal hours of sleep you need a night to go through a day without doubting yourselftry your absolute best to get it. Getting enough sleep is an accomplishment of its own that will take one excuse off your list that'll prevent you from getting your workout in.

Number 2: Workout gear! 

One overlooked issue for some people is having the right clothes and gear to train in. 

Not just feeling comfortable, workout-appropriate clothing, but an outfit that'll motivate you train. It's part of the "look good, feel good" idea, and if someone isn't in the proper attire, they may feel less inclined to go to gym because they think they'll be judged, or won't look the part. 

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Number 3: Coordinate an efficient workout schedule! 


Working out during a random point of the day isn't the most effective use of your day or planning your workout schedule. Think about your training regiment, how long you need to effectively get in your exercises, rest time, recovery, and any other necessary treatment/amenities you intend to use, such as a swimming pool, sauna or steam room, or the stretching area.

You'll identify your workout time; on average, workouts can range from an hour and a half to two hours.

Slot that into your schedule to properly prepare for the workout, rather than trusting yourself when you randomly have an urge to say "I'll workout tomorrow." 

You'll feel more inclined to follow through with your workout schedule, because if you don't, it could significantly hamper the rest of your schedule. You're almost giving yourself no choice but to workout! 

Number 4: Prep your food and make good choices!


Eating after a workout is like a well-deserved reward, which gives you the excuse to eat delicious food and post your food pictures on your social media channels! 

Your body and mind will develop a craving over time, to the point where you start to look forward to indulging post-workout.

It'll get you saying, "I can't wait to get that protein smoothie after my workout," or "I can't wait to eat" after your workouts.

Feeling like you need to earn a good meal by training will motivate you to get into the gym.


Number 5: Do the little things! 

There are small things you can do motivate yourself to get into the gym, and stay consistent with it. 

Some are: 

  • motivational screen savers
  • sticky notes around the house
  • curated music playlists for working out
  • bringing a friend
  • Group Fitness classes
  • phone reminders, tasks and alarms
  • fitbits or other electronics that can calculate your workout 
  • SN Clubs app
  • Personal Trainers to hold you accountable.

Making those small changes to remind yourself of your goals, finding the resources to guide you, keep you accountable, and stay consistent with your regiment, will help you develop good habits, and overcome laziness. Soon enough, it'll be a thing of the past!

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