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Get Outside and Get Active at These BC Parks

When the sun is shining, it can be hard to convince yourself to hit the gym–and we don't blame you! But that doesn't mean you should skip your workout. 

Luckily, British Columbia is a province with beautiful parks, and even better backdrops. 

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Get your outdoor workout on at one of these 5 BC Parks: 

Get Your Outdoor Workout On at These BC ParksPhoto courtesy of Vancouver Trails

Trail Running: Pacific Spirit 

Get outside and bring your furry friend for a run in the park! It's a quick drive to the park that makes you forget that you're still in the city. 

The best part is, when you get too hot, head down to Wreck Beach or Spanish banks for a quick dip! 

Get Your Outdoor Workout On at These BC Parks

Hanging with your #fitfam: Queen Elizabeth Park 

You don't need to come prepared with your favourite HIIT workout, because Queen E Park has loads of fun activities for you to dive into. With roller hockey, basketball and tennis courts, a space for frisbee or disk golf, along with Pitch & Putt, you can have a blast with friends and get your sweat on. 

Get Your Outdoor Workout On at These BC Parks
Photo Courtesy of Ambleside Park

For the view: Ambleside Park 

If you want a workout with a view, check out Ambleside Park (or you can visit our Lonsdale Club). With the picture-perfect Vancouver backdrop, you can head out for a run along the seawall, and maybe stop at the Quay for a post-run snack. 

Get Your Outdoor Workout On at These BC Parks
Photo courtesy of Expedia 

Room for activities: Kelowna City Park 

Similar to Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver, Kelowna City Park also offers basketball and tennis courts, along with awesome hiking trails, and a beach area for a sweaty HIIT workout (believe us, sand makes everything harder) and beach volleyball!

Get Your Outdoor Workout On at These BC Parks
Photo courtesy of City of Victoria 

If you're on the Island: Beacon Hill Park 

Plan a day with the family or enlist friends for a group workout and, a small hike, and maybe a game of baseball. You really be able to find an area for everyone to enjoy!

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