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Everything You Need To Know About Step Aerobics Group Fitness!

Step aerobics is a classic cardio workout. It's lasted for decades for a simple reason: It delivers results!

The step is a 3-inch to 12-inch raised platform. You step up, around, and down from the platform in different patterns to boost your heart rate and breathing, and strengthen your muscles. Most people take step aerobics classes at a gym, with an instructor showing you each move. The instructor and the upbeat music motivate you to keep going!

Here are a few things you should now about this awesome group fitness modality! 


What are the main benefits?

Step aerobics has all the benefits of a high-intensity cardio workout without putting stress on your joints. It improves overall fitness by building strength, reducing fat, and boosting your cardiovascular health. It also burns calories, making it an ideal way to maintain your target body weight! 

What to expect from the class?

Your class will start with a warm-up, followed by choreographed routines on the step, and a cool down at the end. In some classes, you'll use hand weights for strength-training moves off the step.

How intense is the class?

The intensity level depends on how high you make the step and what kinds of movements you do on it. The most basic movement is a step-up, step-down. Once you get more experienced, you do moves that take you over the top and around the step forwards, sideways, and backwards.
Also, for the lowest intensity, put the step flat on the floor. To make it more intense, add risers that raise the step's height. Use your arms, too. The more you raise your arms overhead, the harder you'll work!


What body's areas does it target? 

Core: Yes. Your core muscles stabilize you as you're stepping. You'll also burn fat and get stronger abs.
Arms: Yes. Your lower body is the star of step aerobics, but you may also use your arms and do strength- training exercises with weights specifically for your arms.
Legs: Yes. Stepping up and down works your calves, quadriceps, and hamstrings.
Glutes: Yes. All those step-ups strengthen and tone your buttocks.
Back: Yes. You'll use the muscles in your lower back with each step.

Unsure of where to find this class? Download our SN Clubs app and search for “Step” under the class icon to find a location near you!


What type of group fitness class is it?

Flexibility: Yes. The fluid motions of stepping will improve your flexibility.
Aerobic: Yes. Your heart will pump harder. You'll sweat as you burn calories.
Strength: Yes. Stepping up and down works the muscles in your calves, legs, and buttocks. Many step aerobics classes add strength-training with weights. Although you can also use light weights while you step, it's best not to, since you could injure your shoulder joint.
Low-Impact: Yes. You usually keep one foot on the bench or ground, so step aerobics can be a low-impact program.

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