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Best Places to Hang Out Before/After a GT12 session at Downtown Sports Club!

At the heart of downtown is one of the best gyms in all of Vancouver: Steve Nash Downtown Sports Club. 

It's big, it's pretty, easily accessible, weights and equipment are top-notch, the amenities are premium, and a GT12 session there is perfect on the turf. 

Yes, we've mentioned it a million times: GT12 is our small group training program that's meant to enhance your fitness program. But, we also like to put an emphasis on the community aspect of it. 

You're working out in a group, in a team of two, receiving details and attention by one of our certified Personal Trainers. It's a fun hour of jam-packed strength and cardio exercises to some hype tunes in the background; you're bound to have fun and make a friend or two! 

Think about it: friends, and a workout... in downtown? It makes for the perfect hangout. 

Hit up one of these spots to chill with your fitness fam before a GT12 session, or after you're done burning those calories! 

1. Festal Paleo Cafe


This place is a hidden gem on Granville Street, just a little south of the Downtown Sports Club. If you're running on a Keto or Paleo diet, or prefer organic, grass-fed options, this is the place to be. 

From pizza made with no-grain dough, pasta with zucchini noodles,  free-range chicken and eggs, butternut lasagna, to awesome smoothie choices and healthy protein snacks; they've got everything for a great pre-workout snack, or post-workout meal. 

It's also an aesthetically-pleasing cafe environment with some awesome people behind the line! 



Smak's got a cute location on Granville Street; it's about 30 seconds away once you step outside of the Steve Nash Downtown Sports Club. No exaggeration at all! 

Bring your friends in before or after for some awesome detox juices and smoothies, delicious and clean breakfast, lunch, and snack options, and wash it down with some of their speciality teas. 

If you're in a bit of a rush, but can't pass 15 minutes with your workout bestie, SMAK is the place to be.

3. Quantum Coffee


If you're a workaholic, need coffee, and thrive when the ambience and design of an environment is aesthetically-pleasing, Quantum Coffee is the place to be. 

From the exterior to the interior, Quantum Coffee has a vibe that you're doing something with your life. Yup, seriously, it's a place for a boss like you. 

Choose from a selection of espresso drinks, teas, and baked goods that'll have satisfy that aching, sweet tooth. 

It's a great spot for some caffeine before you burn calories for an hour with your buddy. Or, sit back and talk shop with the fitness fam after! 

4. Cartems Donuts


We all deserve a little treat once in a while. 

Let's say you've done a ton of GT12 all week long with your workout buddy... why not indulge a little bit for the calories you've burned, and the work ya'll have put in? 

Cartems Donuts is the place to be. Choose from a delicious, homemade-tasting, wide-variety of donuts, paired with one of their teas or espresso drinks. 

Cartems is also the epitome of a Vancouver environment;  hipster, modern, but classic. 

A donut or two won't hurt your fitness goals! Just don't overdo it! 

5. Malone's Social Lounge & Taphouse


As we continue with 'treating yourself,' Malone's is a great corner sports bar and lounge where you can hang with the ladies, or chill with the boys after that intense GT12 sesh. 

If you're indecisive, you're gonna have a hard time choosing. 

Pick from a huge beer list, wine and cocktails, and a delicious food menu. They've also got some special Happy Hour items, and even a Holiday Menu! 

If you just smashed a Friday or Saturday GT12 session, you've gotta celebrate at Malone's. It's one heck-of-a-party. 

GT12 is our version of high intensity interval training (HIIT). Everyone loves it nowadays. This trendy workout style is getting your muscles pumping, calories burning, while saving a ton of time! Try it out today. Trust me. You won't regret it. 

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