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Best Healthy Fast Food in Vancouver

Sometimes your #MealPrep just doesn't go as planned. By Wednesday, you're over that big bag of kale salad you grabbed in a frenzy on Sunday night at Safeway. 

Rather than head to the nearest Subway or Pho place, check out one of these restaurants for healthy fast food in Vancouver!

1. Freshii

Catering to a variety of diets (easy for vegetarians, vegans and meat eaters alike), you can find salads, wraps and big bowls that are guaranteed to fill you up, without leaving you feeling groggy for that 2pm presentation. 

healthy fast food vancouver

2. Juice Truck 

While they may be best known for their delicious juices and smoothies, The Juice Truck also serves a variety of grab-and-go salads and bowls, as well as hot, seasonal meals. 

Whether you're grabbing a smoothie on the run, or digging into a macro bowl, you're guaranteed to walk out feeling like a whole new person. 

healthy fast food vancouver

3. Tractor 

Sometimes, trying to decide on just one salad is too much work when you're in a time crunch to grab a quick lunch bite. 

Luckily, at Tractor, you can mix-and-match to make a combo for whatever your needs and taste buds may be. 

healthy fast food vancouver

4. SMAK 

Breakfast, lunch or dinner, your can find a healthy meal to suit any time of day, and any time of year. The only issue you might find? Trying to decide on what to eat when you have so many options!

And if you're feeling a little on the sassy side, check out their Vegan Spiced Hot Chocolate

healthy fast food vancouver

6. Whole Foods Market

Be the boss of your own lunch. Choose what you want and how much you want! Hit up the salad bar, or hot foods table (or both!) at your local Whole Foods Market

Our favourite is a box of big leafy greens, topped with lots of veggies, some protein from the hot food bar, and a little mac n' cheese because #treatyourself. 

They also have a lot of options with pre-made foods, like wraps, sandwhiches and salads for extra-easy grab-and-go options!

Even better? They're open early, so you can always make a stop on your way into the office, saving valuable time in the middle of the day (maybe enough time for a quick midday workout!)

healthy fast food vancouver

7. Pita Pit 

This one is up to you to make healthy! Choose a lot of veggies and lean protein to fill your pita to get the most nutrients and stay full for longer. 

But be wary of sauces! Many have hidden sugars, especially if they say "low fat" or "fat free". That's basically code for "sugar-filled". 

healthy fast food vancouver

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