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6 Group Classes To Dance Your Way To Fitness!

One of the best ways to get out of your head and into your body is in a dance fitness class. Feel the music, move your body, and breath in that fresh oxygen. The result is an energizing cardiovascular workout that science tells us benefits both body and brain. Bonus tip: most dance classes are easy on the joints!

Whether you work in an office setting or study full-time, chances are you fall into 90% of the population who sit too long and too often. Our modern lifestyles drain us of energy, increase stress, and put us at all kinds of health risk due to “the sitting disease”. If you enjoy moving to the rhythm, then dance fitness is the perfect way to counter the sitting culture, leaving you more motivated to exercise regularly.

At SNFC we offer several dance fitness class options. Explore them all and choose your favourite to keep consistent and reap the many physical and psychological benefits:

1. Le Barre


Le Barre is the perfect balance of grace and fluidity. Learn basic ballet positions and the essentials of posture and turn out to target important muscles of the core, spine and pelvis. Designed by fitness experts with the help of Ballet BC, this class incorporates continuous movement through plies, lunges, and squats at the barre, followed and floor work using the Bender Ball. There is a strong focus on sculpting the glutes, while challenging smaller muscles through high repetitions. Finish with a soothing stretch, leaving muscles lengthened and toned.

2. La Blast

La Blast is a super high energy dance class with foundations in ballroom dancing, but it is a modern take that fuses all types of dance to all types of music. It is fantastic for the cardiovascular system and provides non-stop cardio, perfect for sweating out toxins and releasing built up tension in the body. There are many moves to learn from various dance genres such as Salsa, Disco, Merengue, Lindy hop, Jive and even the Cha Cha. The choreography is fun, light hearted and easy to follow. You can expect to feel inspired, challenged and invigorated.

3. Zumba!


Zumba has evolved into a global phenomenon with infectious rhythms and choreography that is taught with only visual cues. Zumba varies from high to lower intensities of cardio dance with about 70% being Latin dance and 30% being other various dance types.

You can expect Merengue, Salsa, Bhangra, Soca, Reggaeton, Bellydance, Samba, Bachata and even Hip Hop and African inspired dance movements. Every instructor has a different flow and has their unique focus for the class they offer. Whatever the influence, you are sure to experience a party and forget that it is indeed a workout!

4. BellyFit

BellyFit is a holistic empowering dance workout, borrowing from yoga, belly dance and cardio dance fitness for a unique fusion. The class is medium intensity with a strong focus on the core. The steps start at a base level and slowly more steps are added on until a beautiful sequence forms an invigorating dance. Towards the end of class there is mat based core work, closing out with a gentle stretch.


5. Street Dance

Street Dance is an energetic modern dance-based fitness class. Expect various dance techniques such as body popping, funk (locking), Hip Hop and Krumping while taking a fitness approach focusing on muscular and cardiovascular endurance. A variety of dance formats and choreography will depend on the instructor’s background and preferences. Song choice will influence choreography, and you may pick up a few iconic steps from Michael Jackson’s Thriller to Beyonce’s Single Ladies!

6. BollyX

Bolly X is the newest in our dance fitness line-up and is a Bollywood-inspired dance fitness class. The class involves dynamic choreographed dances with both traditional Indian and modern music. You will be encouraged to find your inner Rockstar as the class culminates in a true “performance” that pushes your effort to the max. Experiencing this energizing, uplifting, high intensity class is a must.

Once you try out all our dance fitness formats you may decide you prefer one type or enjoy the variety. Either way you can stay confident in knowing you are doing something terrific for your mind, body and spirit whenever you’re moving to the rhythm! 

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