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Best Group Fitness Classes To Improve Your Flexibility

 Are you one of the many people who work out to regulate stress and boost your mood? HIIT, for many, is a stress-relief favourite due to the high energy output associated with it - but have you ever thought about slowing it down a bit?

Flexibility training is an often overlooked component of fitness, however it is important to spend some time working on all aspects of your health and fitness to maintain overall well-being and ensure proper body alignment. The low-impact nature of flexibility training means it is generally less stressful on your central nervous system, so you won’t continue to hold stress and tension in your body after a session and will leave feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Benefits of flexibility training include:

  • Decreased risk of injury
  • Improved posture
  • Improved balance
  • Improved strength/power performance
  • Decreased muscular tension/soreness/pain
  • General sense of well-being

Well, where can you start? Flexibility training isn’t limited to just static stretching! If you’re looking for a different approach to flexibility training, why not try out some of the group classes that are already being offered! Here you can get guidance from experienced instructors and feel confident that your workout is composed in a way that effectively targets your whole body.



Yoga instantly pops into the minds of many when thinking about flexibility training, as it should! The slow pace and variety of positions makes it a great choice for muscle lengthening, while simultaneously building up your strength and endurance in order to hold poses.

In addition to regular yoga, many locations offer specialty yoga classes, like Power Yoga, CRUSHHH, and Fusion classes, putting more emphasis on strength, or putting a unique twist on the classic yoga class. You will definitely feel loose, calm and relaxed after a yoga workout.


Pilates is another low-impact workout focused on core strength, postural alignment and muscular endurance. Excellent for strengthening your pelvic floor, most people could benefit from some additional core training. The range of movement patterns will help you increase your flexibility and range of motion in many positions. Like yoga, Pilates will also help train your balance. Expect to sweat by the end of the class!

Le Barre


Barre class is a recent addition to the many classes that are offered at our clubs. This dynamic class is inspired by ballet, and often incorporates similar techniques to Yoga and Pilates. Barre is based on high repetition movements and isometric contractions, building up muscular endurance and helping you achieve that toned, lean look. This class will definitely challenge your whole-body muscular strength, while working on your range of motion- don't be surprised if you are sore the next day!