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These are the best Group Fitness classes for runners!

Maybe it’s the crisp winter air or maybe it’s the resurgence of resolutions made for the New Year, but January is definitely a time to plan your running event schedule for 2020! 

Whether a 5K fun run or an ultra marathon, running is an exhilarating challenge for both fun and fitness.  Whether your goal is to simply finish the race, or shave five minutes off your already impressive personal best, training properly for your event will leave you feeling confident, prepared and ready to take on any goal.

Group Fitness classes are an incredibly effective way to supplement your running training and reduce risk of injury.  Here are a few classes to consider as you pile on the mileage this winter:

Add strength training Group Fitness classes to your routine!

Strength: Every runner needs to include strength training in their program.  It adds stability to all joints and power to your stride.  Two to three sets of 10-12 exercises performed twice per week is standard protocol to see results.  A strength-based class is a terrific option if you don’t like to think about exactly which exercises to do …let the instructor decide for you and provide motivational cues throughout!  Great strength-based options are Buff Body, B-Lift, Axle Loaded and our new Simply Strength format, which requires only your body as your equipment!

Alignment: Alignment of the pelvis is critical for a efficient running gate and is achieved with a strong core.  Consider adding Pilates or our popular 3D Core class to your weekly training for abdominal focused conditioning.

Flexibility: Runners are notoriously inflexible, with vulnerable body parts being the calves, hamstrings, glutes, quads and lower back.  Loosen all those tight spots and more through a regular flexibility routine found in classes such as Yoga, YIN Yoga, Yoga for Sports and No Stress Stretch.

Take yoga, pilates, and strength classes to improve your performance!

Cardio: Even runners need cardio training!  Especially if training for longer endurance events, your body will need a respite from all the pavement pounding, but your heart and lungs still need the stamina training.  Consider adding spin (group cycling) to your running days as an enhancement to your running time in order to continue taxing the cardio system while providing your joints with a low impact break.  Classes such as Cycle Beats and Drills + Hills provide a fun rhythmical ride for a boost to what can often be a monotonous cardio training schedule if you limit yourself to one activity.

There you have it: tons of group fitness class options to support and enhance your running dreams.  Keep on keepin’ on and be sure to take that selfie at the finish line!

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