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Behind GT12: How To Master The Skater Station!

One of my favourite GT12 stations to build strong and functional glutes is the skater! It is perfect for anybody working on weight loss, muscle building and most importantly people wanting to have fun in the gym!


What is it?

The GT12 skater station is a functional lateral movement that involves side to side jumping between two parallel points in order to increase strength/stability in the legs while maintaining a strong core and proper posture.

What are the major benefits?

  • Easy way to sneak in some cardio!
  • Strengthening of Abductors/Adductors with big decrease in injury risk!    
  • Tone and shape the legs
  • Activates the core   
  • Increase hip mobility                                                                                                                               

Some cues to keep in mind:

  • Foot planted
  • Knees stable, in line with hips
  • Core tight
  • Proper breathing
  • Use arms (Opposite arm, Opposite leg) 

Watch out for these common mistakes!

  • Feet lift
  • Knees cave
  • Hard landings
  • Not in a lateral line when jumping
  • Back rounding

Final tips to master the Skater station 

Like any workout, always make sure to take the time to warm up beforehand. I would recommend a mixture of cardio & foam rolling, as we always want to make sure the muscles are ready!

If you need help with a proper warmup or just using the foam roller, please make sure to ask one of our trainers or your GT12 instructor!


When it comes to the Skater Station, everybody will be different. So, first take the time to make sure the kettlebells have the proper distance between them. Secondly, keep your breathing steady and your movements controlled to really feel the burn and also keep your body safe!

This station is amazing because it is beneficial for everybody in some way. Regardless of what your goal might be, you are always guaranteed to have fun with it!


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