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Behind GT12: Follow These Steps To Master The Tire Flip Station!

GT12 is designed to increase your strength and endurance in a fun manner by offering exercises that most people may shy away from. One of those exercises is the Tire Flip!

The machine can be intimidating, but fear no more! The Tire Flip not only increases your caloric expenditure, so that you get lean and slim by targeting multiple areas of your body at one time, but it also boosts your confidence in and outside the gym!

You might be wondering, “But why?” The reason is Efficiency. Really? YES! You and I both know that we’re busy people doing important things in life – family, work, school, etc. So why not use our time wisely?

Each time we tire flip, we use our legs, back, abs, shoulders, and arms. The whole shebang! This allows us to increase your metabolism and burn more fat!

Now you might be wondering, “But how?” Well, you’re in luck! Read below!

5-Step Technique


1. Position yourself in front of the tire in a wide athletic stance as shown in the picture.

    • Squat in a hinged position as to keep your body in a more upright position.
    • Grab the tire between your legs with firm grip.

2. Initiate movement with legs into as upright position as possible and above your hips as to support the tire with a thigh. Remember to keep stomach tight and strong! 

3. Shift your hands under the under tire and lift with arms. Push forward with your arms so that tire stands vertically.


4. Follow through with your arms! 

5. Allow the Tire to fall and feel badass! 

While performing these steps, watch out for the two most common Tire Flip mistakes: (1) rounded back during the lift (2) lifting with your neck!

And that’s it!

The above only covers the physical changes from flipping tires. The emotional changes from flipping tires is something else. Not only do people see how hard you’re working, but they also see how much of a badass you are! We rarely see common folk do this exercise, only athletes.

Now, YOU can train like an athlete! You can reach your potential! Be that great person your friends and family see in you. Gain that confidence to walk your life tall and take control of your health and fitness. Be a badass. Thanks for reading!


Ready to Experience the Power of Group Fitness with the Results of Personal Training? Download your FREE week of GT12 now! 

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