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Behind GT12: All About The Burpees Station

I would be lying if I told you that I absolutely love doing burpees. In fact, I don’t think I know anyone who loves doing burpees. However, I do love the full body effects burpees have and how efficient they are! Burpees may come across as just terrible torture exercises, but trust me when I say they’re so good for you.


First off, burpees work just about every muscle in your body. From your calves,quads, and hamstrings, all the way up to your abs, chest, rear delts, and triceps. Since you are working so many different muscles at one time, you will be burning more calories and torching more fat in the fastest way. GT12 is all about efficiency.

Burning up to 1200 calories more every week! In order to be the most efficient we need to push to our limits and what better way than including burpees which is one of the most functional full body movements we can perform in a small space with zero equipment.


Burpees are a very versatile exercise that can be progressed to be harder or regressed to be slightly easier. To take your burpee to the next level you could try a Burpee Pull up. Set up for your burpee underneath a pull up bar and on your jump up grab the bar and perform your pull up before coming back down.

Another progression would be your Burpee Box Jump. Set up for your burpee infront of a platform or plyo box at a height you can jump on. On your jump after the burpee, jump onto the box and then back down before performing your next burpee.


There are a couple common mistakes that you should be watching for as you go through the motions of your burpee. Number one is making sure your hips do not drop during the hop back allowing your core to disengage. Instead you need to make sure your body is flat and your spine is neutral. Another common mistake is trying to rush through your burpee too quickly.

Yes, we should be giving it our all, but if going too quickly means you lose proper form or you stop breathing properly, you need to take a moment to pause and regain proper breath as well as check on proper form. You can’t build proper strength without proper mobility and technique!

So I’m not saying that burpees need to become your favourite exercise to perform, but I am saying that burpees are one of the most beneficial exercises you could add into your workout no matter what your goal is. The next time you see burpees as one of your GT12 stations remember how much you are accomplishing through this one simple exercise. Get your game face on and give it your all!

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