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Success Story: How a Medical Emergency Changed Carla's Life

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Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club

Success Story: How a Medical Emergency Changed Carla's Life

It's imporant to seek help when you're "just not feeling yourself". For Carla, it wasn't until she was rushed to the hospital that she found out something was really wrong. 

Get the Details on our Lonsdale Fitness World Grand Opening!

In case you haven't heard, Steve Nash Lonsdale Fitness World has officially been open since the end of December! (If you haven't already paid a visit to this club, you're going to want to see it....

You're Invited to (f)empower: An International Women's Day Event

(f)empower An International Women's Day event hosted by Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club We'd like to host you at our Downtown Sports Club on Thursday, March 8th, for an evening of celebrating...

FREE Motivational Screen Savers for your Computer and Phone

When you spend most of your day staring at your computer screen, and the rest of it on your smartphone, why not use it as a source of motivation?

Success Story: Rebekaah K's journey from cardio queen to body building

Rebekaah isn't new to fitness, but her journey to health truly began when she found happiness in exercising. 

Success Story: Why Justin B. Made a Big Life Change 

Justin had always been bigger, despite numerous diet attempts. He resigned to being big for the rest of his life. 

New Balance Shoe of the Month: Minimus 20v7 Trainer 

We've partnered with New Balance Canada to help you make your shoe purchasing, easier. Each month, we'll bring you New Balance's top shoe pick that you need to know! 

Success Story: Even With Life-Long Disease, Rosa D. Gained Back her Body and her Life

Rosa never wanted to be dainty. She wanted to be stronger than her peers. She wanted to be the hero, impress, and surprise people with what she was capable of doing. And she did it, until she...

Success Story: Find out How Katy O. Battled Depression with Fitness

Katy started her fitnes journey at a time when she was overweight, and dealing with anxiety and depression. Taking numerous medications that didn't work, a suicide attempt, and hospitalization, she...