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When Is The Best Time To Take GT12?

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Sharaya Poulin

Tips for Working Out When You’re On a Carb-Free Diet

By Sharaya Poulin October 1, 2018
There are many things to consider when a person is on a carb-free diet. People also have many different reasons for choosing to be on diet free of carbohydrates.  

6 Exercises You Need to Show Off Your Arms and Back This Summer

By Sharaya Poulin May 11, 2018
When it comes to having toned arms and back for those slinky backless dresses and spaghetti strap tank tops in summertime, you have to have the right program. 

You Might Be Surprised at What a Personal Trainer Eats in a Day

By Sharaya Poulin March 16, 2018
Did you ever want to know what a Personal Trainer eats in a day? We did, too, that's why we asked Personal Trainer, Sharaya Poulin, to tell us what she eats in an average day. Check out her extremely...

What's in My Fridge? By Personal Trainer, Sharaya Poulin

By Sharaya Poulin November 9, 2017
I try to stay away from processed and packaged foods as much as possible. I feel best when my meals start with a pile of vegetables, with some kind of carbohydrate in the middle, and finished off...

The Healthy Side Dish You Need to Bring to Your Next BBQ

By Sharaya Poulin July 5, 2017
Do you find it hard to stay fit when every summer BBQ you go to is serving up hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, and other salty snacks? (Us too.) That's why we've asked Sharaya, one of our Personal...