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Try these dynamic chair stretches at home!

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Logan Dube

GT12 Movement Feature: Introducing Loaded Carries!

By Logan Dube February 4, 2020
There are 4 main fitness goals: weight loss, muscle gain, athletic performance and general wellness.

Axle Evolution: Come Get Loaded

By Logan Dube February 27, 2019
Back in July 2018, we launched Axle Full Body classes across several Steve Nash locations.

All About Hips: Everything You Need to Know About Hips Stretching (Including Exercises)!

By Logan Dube February 6, 2019
Did you know that your hips are the second most mobile joint in your body, after your shoulders? They are a really important gateway to movement and carry the load of your upper body allowing for...

How Healthy Is Your Heart?

By Logan Dube January 30, 2019
Cardiovascular disease kills over 17.5 million people each year – that’s almost half of all deaths (minus communicable diseases). On the flip side, cardiovascular health is one of the best predictors...

Assessments to Kick Off Your 2019 Fitness Journey

By Logan Dube December 28, 2018
When we teach our PTA Global Personal Trainer Certification at British Columbia Personal Training Institute, one of the tools we want to arm our students with is different types of fitness...

Follow this Quick & Easy Workout Program to Get Started at the Gym

By Logan Dube June 22, 2018
If you’re pressed for time, or even just getting started at the gym, I'm sure you would benefit from a well-rounded, quick and easy workout program, am I right?! Great, I thought so!

4 Ways Pre- and Post-Workout Nutrition Can Boost Your Spin Class Performance

By Logan Dube April 21, 2018
I took my first spin class over 10 years ago now, and I still remember how exhilarating (and awful) it was! I decided to try it because I wanted a fun and effective way to maintain my cardio...

What is Progression and Why Do You Need it?

By Logan Dube April 6, 2018
When I meet new members and guests, I hear a lot of “I just want to learn a routine I can do for  (insert number of weeks, months, years or... forever)."

6 Foundation Exercises to Build up your Baseline Fitness Abilities

By Logan Dube April 2, 2018
There are a lot of reasons people sign up for exercise: to lose weight, lose fat, gain muscle, gain strength, improve flexibility, reduce pain, have more energy, be healthy, etc.