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Try these dynamic chair stretches at home!

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Kalena Morton

Fitness Activities or Group Workouts that you can do as a family!

By Kalena Morton February 16, 2020
The month of February brings Family Day! The perfect opportunity to get out and do something active with your loved ones. With everyone living busy lives, it can be difficult to not only find time...

How can HIIT be more effective for some fitness goals vs. regular weightlifting?

By Kalena Morton February 10, 2020
There are currently so many different training methods out there, that It can be overwhelming when deciding which method is best for you based off of your personal fitness goals.

Fitness programming: what is it and how to make a program for yourself?

By Kalena Morton February 7, 2020
It’s a new year, and unfortunately, February is where we tend to lose focus on the resolutions we made for ourselves.

A Beginner's Guide: Personal Trainer's advice to starting in the gym!

By Kalena Morton January 25, 2020
Congratulations! You’ve just decided that you’re ready to take your health into your own hands and make a change. Starting in the gym can be scary! Not knowing where to start, or what you are capable...

5 Tips to Help You Avoid Weight Gain During The Holidays

By Kalena Morton November 29, 2019
The holiday season is approaching, and many fear the dreaded weight gain during this time. Instead of throwing in the towel and waiting till the Holidays have ended, try applying these simple tips!

5 Reasons Why You Should Try The JumpSport Group Fitness Class

By Kalena Morton August 29, 2019
Do you have memories of jumping on a trampoline when you were young and carefree? Wasn’t it fun?! Well, we’ve brought back a similar feel with the JumpSport Group Fitness class! Come experience this...

These Aerobic Exercises Will Also Get You Toned!

By Kalena Morton June 7, 2019
For all you cardio junkies out there, this blog is for you! Do lifting weights in the gym intimidate you? Are you one of those people who feel you don’t get a good workout without a good sweat? Are...

Top Group Classes To Help You Prepare For A Marathon

By Kalena Morton March 27, 2019
The weathers getting better! So if you are someone who enjoys running, or are training for a Marathon, it is very important to create a well-balanced program to prevent injury or burnout. Runners can...

Take These 5 Group Fitness Classes If You Want To Lose Weight

By Kalena Morton March 12, 2019
Attending group fitness classes are a great option for achieving your weight loss goal. It can help increase your strength, burn a ton of calories, and helps boost your metabolic rate- - -all within...