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Try these dynamic chair stretches at home!

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Joshua Hubbell

A calorie is NOT just simply a calorie...

By Joshua Hubbell February 27, 2020
Suzy the “influencer”: “NO IT IS NOT!

Common Mistakes in the Gym: The Bench Press (VIDEO)

By Joshua Hubbell February 19, 2020
We start a new series: Common Mistakes in the Gym! In this series of blog articles, and now, video, we highlight important, key movements and exercises that the average gym-goer performs incorrectly,...

The Pros & Cons Of Weightlifting Shoes

By Joshua Hubbell December 31, 2019
Let’s get started. Weightlifting shoes, also known as “squat shoes,” have an elevated heel. The purpose of the elevated heel is to allow athletes to achieve a greater depth or range of motion in...

6 Tips To Help You Create Your Fall Workout Plan

By Joshua Hubbell October 1, 2019
1. Identify your goal First of all, when making your fall program  you have to know your final destination. Without your goal in mind,  you’re unable to create an effective plan. If we don’t make a...