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Top Apps To Help You Achieve Your New Year, New You Goals!

As we roll into the new year, it’s the time of the year to look at setting some new goals. I have put together a list of my favourite fitness apps to help you kickstart your New Year, New You journey!

1. My Fitness Pal


The old expression, “Abs are built in the kitchen” could not be more true! And this is a great app to help you to track your food.  My fitness pal allows you to log your meals using specific restaurant names, individually items, and even scanning barcodes. All of your foods nutritional facts at your fingertips!

This app will allow you to take the guessing out of eating, giving you the exact numbers you need to customize and manage your calories to your needs. Why is food so important? Why do we put gas in our cars? Because if we don’t our car will not take us from point A to point B. Much the same, our bodies are our means of transportation.

Putting good food in our bodies helps regulate our hormones, increasing dopamine production and in return keepings you feeling good all day! Increased production, reduced mental fatigue, improved blood blow and circulation. The benefits of a proper and well-balanced food plan designed to meet your individual needs are endless. 

2. Fit Bit


This is a very close second for me, I love the Fitbit product and app. Packed full with a ton of feature. Not only does the app and watch allow you to track your daily step count and daily step goals, it tracks your fitness activity as well, everything from your training session to your cardio.

The fit bit has hourly reminders to get up and move, and a heart rate monitor to ensure you are working within your target heart rate zone or your resting heart rate is where it should be. This is a well rounded app that lets you do it all, encouraging individuals to get up and get active.

3. Head Space


Research is being done daily, which means we are always learning something new in the fitness industry. We now know how important meditation and mindfulness is to our health. Some research even says its’ as important as our workout routines.

Mental health requires discipline and practice, this app brings it all together, it has daily activities to keep you accountable, it also has subdivided sections for you specific needs, stress, anxiety, or just a quick 5 minute rest so you can tackle the rest of your work day. A definite must has app for everyone!

4. Sleep Cycle


Sleep!! If you didn’t know, sleep is the MOST important part of our day. Why? Because during this 8 hour window is when our bodies are doing all of the repairs to our body. Just finished a high intensity GT12 Session? Fuel up with some good food, practice winding down using the Head Space app, and turn on the sleep cycle app and hit the sack!

This app will track your bodies sleep cycles, giving you a full break down of when and for how long you spent getting deep, light, or REM sleep during the night. Good quality sleep is going to give you body the time in needs to repair damaged muscle fibers, injuries and allow your brain to reset for the next day. Sleep should not be taken lightly! So if you tired more often then not. Give this app a go and see what is happening during your sleep cycles.

The above apps I have provided are my all time favourite, if you are serious about your health this new year and you want to be the very BEST version of yourself, go to your app store and download all these apps.

They will give you all the tools you need to be successful. Food, the fuel you need to stay moving all day, an activity tracker so you can keep moving and stay motivated, mental health to keep you thinking clearly all day, sleep, so you can recovery for your day and prepare your body for what ever adventure you have in store next.