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5 Mobile Apps That'll Help You With Your Fitness Progress!

Technology isn't such a bad thing, eh! 

We've put a list of five mobile apps that'll help you track your fitness program, and help you achieve your fitness goals!

1. Nike+ Training Club 


This popular app features workouts designed and curated by professional athletes and celebrities for everyone! The workouts within the app focus on a number of things: strength, endurance, or mobility, offered in three different levels of difficulty. 

So, if you're a beginner, or if fitness is a lifestyle to you, they've got everything you need! They tailor personal fitness plans just for you, especially if you're busy and lack the resources!

After your workout, app users can share their photos and posters with the rest of the Nike+ community! You can sync to Nike+ Run Club, track your runs, and also enter other activities like weightlifting, basketball, boxing, etc. 

2. Freeletics Bodyweight


This app builds an entire workout program for you with plenty of choices that suit what you want and need the most! 

Freeletics, from the moment you open the application, asks you to order three goals that would best reflect what you're trying to accomplish. Then, you input personal physical information, generating an entire workout regime that will help you reach your fitness goals. 

All workouts are designed to use your body weight as your exercise equipment. They also have audio and video guides with step-by-step instruction for your workouts!


3. Runtastic


Whatever way you train, no matter how you do it, when you do it, Runtastic is perfectly setup for you. Keep track of your workouts, set goals, and the application has its own GPS to record routes real-time. You can share your success and goal with your friends, too! 

Other great benefits are the app is: 

  • track your mileage
  • syncs with Apple Music and offers a number of curated playlists for motivation

4. Asana Rebel: Yoga & Fitness

sn_social_apr7-13_mobile_apps_blogimage4If you're into yoga, this app is for you. 

Even if you're not that into yoga, this app provides personalized workouts based on your current health and fitness goals. Get 100+ workouts workouts designed by yoga and fitness experts, and use their integrated Apple health app to report calorie consumption, weight, and yoga workouts!

5. MyTraining Workout Tracker Log


MyTraining is the perfect app for men and women; almost like a social networking hub for working out, training routines, and assistance to help you achieve your fitness goals.

The app has a great selection of predefined workouts, +350 exercises with videos, integration with the health app, and a training calendar. 

Don't forget about the SN Clubs app where you can check-in to the gym, get points to redeem your swag and merchandise, track your fitness goals, participate in challenges, share your workouts with other members in the community, record your workouts, and connect your favourite fitness gadgets! 

Download the SN Clubs App to get exclusive member-only perks to some of your favourite, local stores!