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A Beginner's Guide: Personal Trainer's advice to starting in the gym!

Congratulations! You’ve just decided that you’re ready to take your health into your own hands and make a change. Starting in the gym can be scary! Not knowing where to start, or what you are capable of can feel intimidating. If you’ve made a commitment to yourself and have recently signed up for a membership (or have one you have yet to utilize) then this blog is for you!

1) Goal set/make a commitment:

Before stepping in the gym, make sure to create a “SMART” Goal. A goal that is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound. Writing this down on a piece of paper and mapping out exactly what you want to accomplish, in a timely manner, will help keep you accountable. This could be a weight loss goal or something movement based like being able to do a perfect push up.

Book a complimentary goal assessment with a Personal Trainer!

2) Book in a complimentary Goal Assessment with a Personal Trainer:

You have your SMART goal, but you still haven’t set foot in the gym. During a goal assessment, your trainer will dive deeper in to your fitness goals, as well as take you on the floor for an assessment (and get you familiar with your surroundings). From there, they will give you their professional recommendations. Not sure which trainer will best suit your needs? Ask to speak with the Fitness Manager, and from there he/she will find the perfect fit for you.


Workout with like-minded individuals, Personal Trainers, and other fitness heads!

3) Work with like-minded individuals:

Working with people who have a similar goal can always make the journey more enjoyable. Trying out a Group Fitness class or a GT12 session is the best way to do so! Find a schedule for group classes online (or on the SN app), and map out which ones work best for you. I recommend trying a cardio class, a strength class, and a stretch class. Once you arrive to class, introduce yourself to your instructor and let them know you are new.

4) Don’t compare yourself to others:

Everyone’s journey is different. Comparing yourself to others can have you feeling down and unmotivated. Stick to the plan, continue working towards your goal and you will continue to progress. Results don’t happen overnight.

5) Keep accountable/daily goals:

Keeping accountable to your goals can be hard. Try adding these day-to-day tools to make it easier:

  • Log your food intake daily (Myfitnesspal is a great app for this)
  • Track your steps per day and give yourself a goal (Fitbit, or apps on your phone can track this)
  • Track your heart rate and calories burned in a workout 

Start simple, don’t overcomplicate anything and enjoy the experience! Working out should not be stressful. You should always leave a workout with those endorphins flowing and feeling like you are accomplishing that goal to set out. You got this!

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