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7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Fear Taking Your First GT12 Session

Getting started on GT12, as other High-Intensity-Interval-Training modalities, can be intimidating. But the fear of  a new challenge shouldn't stop you from getting the many benefits that GT12 will bring!

To help you overcome that initial hesitation of trying GT12 for the first time, here are a few things to keep in mind!


The instructor will be there to help

First and foremost Professional Help, part of the "P" in our PROUD standards at SNFC. Not only are you getting a good workout but the instructors are experienced certified personal trainers like myself to help you whenever any questions or concerns arise in each class. Do not hesitate and feel free to ask us anything as there is no such thing as a dumb question. We will do our best every time!

All skill levels are welcome!

Everyone has a starting point and repetition is the mother of skill. We all progress at different levels & time so don’t be intimidated when others are able to perform well. Remember that they also began at one point and kept working to get to where they are now. As trainers, we understand there's always areas to improve on and that’s why each exercise can be progressed or regressed based off one’s ability to execute.

GT12 is NOT a competition, it's all about team work! 

Attending a GT12 class is like training with your friends in a team setting. Everyone is there to encourage, motivate and help each other get better. We're all here to uplift one other regardless of skill level & ability. It's a good feeling when you see others inspiring  one another, that's teamwork at it's finest.   


It's a Full-Body workout

Every class hits most muscle groups so you don’t have to spend at least 1-2hrs at a time working different muscles. That in itself can be intimidating for the less experienced gym goers or even those who have a hard time deciding  what to focus on. Work smarter not harder..though give it your all regardless.

GT12 will make you fall in love cardio (not kidding)

Some find it daunting just to get on a treadmill, elliptical, bike etc. Since each class is circuit training, you are not only getting the full body workout but also hitting different energy systems. Which in turn is doing cardio but not on a machine for long periods of time. By that you burn more calories with multiple exercises & shorter rest times in between  as you get the most out of a workout.


The sessions are tailored to YOUR fitness goals

Like team work, goals are reached when everyone contributes but there are individual ones as well. Maybe it's to get stronger in one area, being able to do a certain exercise or execute flawlessly. In fitness we all have goals of our own and as trainers we will do our best to make sure you exceed those expectations!

It will be fun! 

We make sure each class is filled with a positive and fun environment. Besides the people who bring that vibe. Different programs are chosen each class along with the music being played so our members can enjoy and have variety while getting a sweat on. At the end of the day if you’re not having fun than we’re not doing our job right!

I look forward to seeing every GT12 classes packed with all of you. Breathe, get those gains and have fun! 


Experience the Power of Group Fitness with the Results of Personal Training: Download your FREE week of GT12 now! 

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