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6 Tips To Help You Create Your Fall Workout Plan

1. Identify your goal

First of all, when making your fall program  you have to know your final destination. Without your goal in mind,  you’re unable to create an effective plan. If we don’t make a final destination, then we won’t know the direction we’ll need to travel in.

A few great questions to ask yourself when coming up with your goal would be:

  • What am I looking to achieve out of this program?
  • How do I want to feel when I have achieved my goal?
  • Why do I want to achieve this goal now?
  • When do I need to reach my goal by?

2. Research your goal

So now that you know what direction you’re heading in, you have to equip yourself with the appropriate knowledge before writing your plan. I suggest doing some research so you have an idea of what it might take and how it might look. Everyone will be different in how they get to their goal, but knowing the basics of calories in vs calories out, what exercises are crucial, how many sets and reps for each exercise and other principles will only set you up for a more successful outcome.


3. Figure out a realistic schedule

Now that we have the destination set and have equipped ourselves with enough knowledge, we have to be reasonable and figure out how many days we can commit to exercising. This is very important to make sure we stick with the program we are about to make. It really comes down to two key elements: consistency and frequency. The more days you can commit to some sort of exercise the better. Make it fun! Grab friends or colleagues and make it a time for you to look forward to.


4. Put pen to paper

Now that we have the destination set, enough knowledge and know the amount of times we can commit, we can start putting pen to paper. Writing your plan on paper will hold you accountable. It becomes a reference and something you can take pride in because of the work you did to make an effective program. I would also suggest putting it in a place you pass by every day. This again will remind you of your duties and will motivate you to put this plan into action. We all know you can do all the planning you want, but results come when action is taken with intent!

5. Nutrition

Now I know this isn’t part of a training guide, but it should be highlighted. You can have the most effective plan in the world, but if you are not fuelling yourself for success, you will not see the results that you deserve. A good starting point is decreasing your refined carbs (junk food for the most part) and increasing your vegetables and protein intake. It is important to note that everyone is different, but this is the most common deficiencies I come across and make immediate impacts when approached. 


6. Finding proper guidance

You are the hero of your story. As the hero, I am assuming you want to be as efficient and productive as you can be. The way to do this is to get access to on-going knowledge and experience so you don’t make the same mistakes that can be avoided with professional guidance. Having the opportunity to work with a professional trainer will speed up the process, avoid plateaus and exceed your desired outcome.


Experience in the fitness industry will accelerate your growth like nothing else. Not only that, a Personal Trainer's job is to make your program sustainable so that you can actually develop a healthy lifestyle. Remember I asked you the question: “How do I want to feel when I have achieved my goal?”. Well, this is your real goal and true drive to keep you going.

After all, every decision is made to achieve an emotional state; whether that be confidence, happiness, conviction, etc. Every hero has a guide that can show them the path to their final destination. But remember, you are the hero of your own journey; the one who is taking action!

Need more help in creating your Fall workout plan? Talk to one of our Personal Trainers today! 

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