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6 Tips on Choosing The Right Footwear for Your Workout

The first 2 things to understand when searching for the perfect shoe are the shape of your foot, and if you have had any past injuries. A shoe may have significant impact on your gait pattern, or the way you walk.

To find out which shoe fits best a recommendation would be to have a footwear professional run a gait pattern or foot shape analysis. After learning about the uniqueness of your foot, choose your activity!

The chance for injury can be increased if the wrong footwear is chosen. Here are 6 activities and their corresponding appropriate footwear!


To avoid joint stress, a runner needs a lightweight, shock absorbent shoe that aligns with the arch shape of your foot. The high volume of predominant heel-toe striking can be demanding on knee and ankle joints, therefore a streamlined, cushioned running shoe will assist the foot most effectively. A great example would be the Asics Nimbus series running shoe.



A minimalist shoe with solid lateral stability for plyometric and explosive conditioning work should do the trick. Give the New Balance Minimus shoes a try. As small as they seem, they provide solid support for the foot during high impact activity.

Competitive Power Lifting/Olympic Lifting


A flat outer soled shoe with a raised heel is the design that meets the needs of these athletes. “Sticking” to the ground under heavy loads can increase stability as well as that bracing effect required for max effort lifts. It is important to understand that an elevated heel enhances posture throughout big lifts.

For example, a person’s ankle mobility (or lack thereof) may require a slightly higher slope so that the athlete can feel strong, tall, and stable at the bottom of a squat. An exceptional lifting shoe is the Nike Romaleo.

Cross Training

Crossfit enthusiasts, and people that enjoy a great HIIT training, circuit-style workout prefer a shoe that appeals to more of that hybrid training style. With diverse modalities and intense workouts, a shoe like the Nike MetCon 4 will provide the necessary stability, grip, cushion, and comfort for you to safely and effectively devour your workout!



This type of shoe will be directed more towards the aging population looking to get their fitness journey started, or people who are beginning to recover from lower body injury. Comfort, fit, and support will be the key for this kind of shoe. A HOKA ONE Bondi has a supportive midsole.

Trail Running

Motivation to get outside this summer! Test your proprioception and strengthen your feet with shoes that act as a hiking/running shoe hybrid. These shoes have soles with excellent grip to give you plenty of traction. Trail runners are also made with a padding that protects the bottom of the feet from outdoor hazards. Try out the awesome Salomon Speedcross 4!

The final piece of advice is to choose a comfortable shoe that fits great! As a trainer, being on your feet all day can be tiring, especially when we get into those 10-12 hour days. A great shoe that works for me is the Adidas UltraBoost. They are extremely comfortable, stylish, and great for the feet!

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