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5 Ways to Stay Healthy While Working from Home!

Working from home in that cozy little office space you call the bedroom?

Or, maybe you've got a dedicated office room or desk setup to get your creative juices flowing! 

Working from home can be repetitive! Here's how to combat that and be healthy!

Either way, working from home is a HUGE privilege, and I'm happy to raise my hand in unison with everyone else that has that option. 

Obviously, in a time like this where we're told to stay home (continue to follow updates for Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Clubs at snclubs.com/safety), it has become the ONLY alternative for those that CAN work from home. Again, it's a huge privilege that we can still help our businesses function and move at a high standard of service; a lot of people don't have that ability and we have to be grateful of the opportunity we have been given.

With that being said, let's not lie to ourselves; working from home is fun once, twice, maybe three times in a week! If your remote work can be brought to the coffee shop, a lounge, a laid-back restaurant, etc. Doing it in the same place at home is just like going to the office five times a week! 

It WILL get repetitive, and WILL lead to bad and unhealthy habits. 

I'm going to highlight some bad habits you may or may not notice, and giving you tips to stay healthy while working from home!

How to stay healthy and active while working from home!

1. Put away the chips, and stock up on fruits and healthy alternatives! 

It's REALLY easy to grab a bag of chips, fill up a bowl of salsa, and munch endlessly with your oily hands while you type away (your keyboard will end up getting dirty and oily, so... wash your hands!)

Easily enough, what you can do is substitute chips for things like fresh fruit, frozen fruit chunks, Crispy-minis (a favourite for Personal Trainers are those rice cakes + peanut butter), and rice crisps. 

A word throughout this article is MODERATION... everything is okay in moderation, but as we eat and snack mindlessly throughout the day, might as well do it with highly-nutritious foods

2. Keep up your sleep schedule, shower, and prep as if you were going to work!

Avoid sleeping at 2 a.m. and waking up just before your morning call at 9 a.m. 


Because, if and when we get back to our regular routine, you won't have to worry about re-adjusting your sleeping pattern. Most importantly, you are mentally and physically primed to prioritizing work at home as your main endeavour for the day. 

You won't be groggy, you'll get an early start to your day, your prep and 'warm up' won't cut into your allotted work time, and you'll have enough energy to focus and concentrate on the task at hand. 

Simple things like getting up early as you usually would before a work day gives you time to make a cup of coffee, maybe even some breakfast, shower, read, meditate, stretch, or workout, will have you feeling ready to take on the rest of the day. 

Workout at home!

3. Stretch, meditate, and workout! 

Following tip #2, staying active, healthy, and keeping up with your fitness routine is incredibly important. Being at home can lead to lazy habits; sleeping, napping, eating when you don't have to, sticking your eyes to your phone, playing video games, and also tightness! 

Sitting on your chair or bed, wherever you choose to set up shop, all day can lead to negative effects on your body moving forward. Tight muscles, declining mobility and flexibility, weight gain, and development of negative/lazy habits will happen without remembering to stay active and move, no matter how minimal it is. 

So, grab a yoga mat and stretch, take a walk outside (while following social distancing), meditate for a few minutes, or get a bodyweight workout in at home; will keep you physically and mentally active no matter what pops up at home! 

4. It's okay to take a break! 

You're at home, so working from the comfort of it can feel like you're cheating the system. 

You're good, which means you can take breaks when you feel like you've hit a creative wall or work rut. Yes, go use the washroom, fill up your water bottle, take a deep breath outside, eat a snack, read a chapter of a book, get a few minutes in of your favourite video game, do a couple push ups, sit ups, crunches, stretches, or anything fitness-related to keep your body moving and doing something else! 

We always need that time away from our daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly routine. Just cause you're home doesn't mean anything is different. We burn our energy and focus metre out sometimes. It happens! Just make sure you've been working to feel satisfied and innocent to take a few minutes away! 😉

5. Communicate and connect with others! 

Working from home, especially during this period of isolation, can have moments of loneliness and disconnection. 

Connect and call your co-workers, your manager, and other team members to not only stay connected and have a group to bounce your ideas and thoughts on, but to stay accountable. 

Dependant upon whatever is available at home for you to do, it's really easy to lose focus and concentration and do something else. 

Call the team and keep your brain moving along the same wave-length as them; this can be a bit of a wakeup call mentally to help keep you grounded and focus on that big project or the huge task list that are assigned to you! 

Hopefully these tips are helpful for you! Make sure to stay healthy and active to #GoBeyond your fitness goals while you're at home! We've got a number of resources to help you maintain the great progress you've made thus far into 2020! 

Continue to check snclubs.com/safety for more updates regarding Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club and COVID-19. 

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