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5 Tools To Protect Your Mental Health At Work

We've been talking a lot about the importance of mental health in the blog. A holistic approach to wellness considers not only a healthy diet and regular exercise, but it also involves maintaining a balanced mind! 

And this is no different at work! It doesn't matter the type of job you have; I am sure you often encounter stressful situations that challenge your mental health. The stress and pressures that arise at the workplace have a significant impact on our overall mental estate. That's why it's so important to look after your mental well-being at work! 

Here are 5 tools that you can use every day to deal with mental health challenges at work! 

De-stress with Headspace


We've mentioned Headspace in this blog about mental health apps that can help you on a daily basis. This app includes hundreds of themed meditation sessions on everything from stress and sleep to focus and anxiety.

No time for a longer meditation session at work? No problem! Headspace's bite-sized guided meditations will fit perfectly into your busy schedule. Put your headphones on and dive into a quiet moment with your mind any time of the day!

Take a Walk Break


It has been scientifically proven that taking short walk breaks throughout the workday helps not only burn extra calories but also improves productivity! As we mentioned in this blog about the benefits of taking "walkies", small active breaks are extremely effective in improving mood, creativity and relationships at work! 

So next time you feel agitated and overwhelmed at work, get yourself out of the environment that is harming your mental health and go for a walk! 



Meditation is without a doubt the most popular tool used to balanced the mind. In this blog, we talked about the benefits of mindful meditation and how you can integrate into your busy routine. 

Even short meditation breaks at work can help clear the mind and improve focus. By being aware of your internal states and the external environment around you, you will be able to control your impulsive reactions! 

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Stay Away From Distractions With Moment


Mobile phones are nowadays an indispensable tool at most workplaces. Phones facilitate communication and several of other daily tasks. However, like any other technology, it has its downsides.

If you consistently catch yourself feeling anxious and checking your phone for the next notification, Moment is the best tool for you! This app has daily exercises that will help you use your phone in a healthy way so that you can focus on the things that really matter at work without that fear of missing out!



Having a hard time focusing at the office? Noisli can help you with that! This app generates background noises and colours that will help to boost your productivity at work. Noisli allows you to customize a mix of sounds to create the perfect environment to sharpen your focus! 

You can choose from three options of presets noise soundtracks depending on your needs: random, productivity and relax. Sounds include rain, thunderstorm, leaves, coffee shop, forest and much more! 

I hope these tools truly help you protect your mental health at work! Do you have any other tips for dealing with stress in the workplace? Let us know in the comments!