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5 Tips to Create Better Sleeping Habits

Third coffee before noon? Ya, we’ve been there too, but this shouldn’t be a regular occurrence.

 Getting seven to nine hours of sleep each night is essential for a few reasons:

  1. Optimizes your brain health

  2. Keeps your mood stable

  3. Balances hormone levels

  4. Controls your cravings

However, we’re exposed to so many stimulants each day (both external and internal), that it can be hard to wind down to get those precious hours of sleep each night.

1. Turn off your lights.

Try to light your room with candles, or small lamps rather than big overhead lights. Or even use a salt lamp to dimly light your room. This is the first step in setting yourself up for a good night.

Try to set a specific time in the evening where you turn down the lights - and try to make it about an hour (at least) before bed.

2. Sorry, but you need to turn off your phone.

Or at least turn it to sleep mode. You should try to have your phone powered down, or tucked away for the night at least one to two hours before bed. The lights from our phones, as well as the influx of content that we’re consuming, can be overstimulating for our bodies.

3. And your computer for that matter.

Along with your phone, your computer needs to be shut down too. Similar to your phone, the blue light confuses our brains and our bodies into thinking it is still day time. So be sure to power down any and all electronics at least one hour before bed.

... technically this includes our televisions too, but we’re not animals. If you do think you can go electronics-free, try grabbing a book, practise your meditation, try doing some stretches.


4. Try some essential oils.

Essential oils can be wonderful addition to an evening routine. Opt for essential oils that are soothing and known for stress-relieving, like lavender, valerian, chamomile and bergamot.

Add them to a diffuser, or dilute them (you can also buy roll-on versions!), and rub it on the bottoms of your feet, or inhale them deeply.  

5. A cup of tea does wonders… but choose the right kind!

Similar to essential oils, different teas are known to reduce stress, and promote a relaxed state. Others are said to help with our circadian rhythms.


It’s easy to find blends that marketed for sleep, but try to look for teas that include:

  • Chamomile

  • Valerian

  • Passionflower

And remember, cut the coffee at least 6 hours before bedtime!

What’s important to remember is that setting up a routine is the major key to creating better sleeping habits.

When our body is conditioned to expect sleep, it will start to get those processes going and ready, so by the time your head hits the pillow, you’ll be ready to snooze!