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5 Tips to add Self-Care to Your Daily Workout Routine

If you made it into the gym, you've already won the battle. 

You're taking the necessary steps to improve both your physical and mental health.

But, working out can be a pain; before, during, and after. 

We've gathered a list of 5 tips to help you get the most out of your daily workout experience to feel confident and brave about yourself in the gym, and to improve your results.

1. Get off your phone! 

Listen, I've done it, you've done it... we've all done it. 

Think about the other gym-users when you're sitting at a machine or bench when you're on your phone. You're taking up valuable space that someone else may need, but more importantly, you're wasting your time! 

Get off Instagram, put your phone on silent, and focus on the task at hand which is your workout regime, and the set you're on. 

Putting the phone away and plugging away to some music (or none at all) lets you get into the the right mental zone, and spend less time unnecessarily resting. Trust me, you'll find out that you've had a much more time-efficient workout. Who knows, you'll have saved up to 10 minutes that you can spend taking a shower, or stretching, foam-rolling, or adding in another set! 

2. Wear your favourite workout gear

You know the saying: "look good, feel good." 

If you're getting sweaty at the gym, what you and I wear isn't really a priority to think of. However, wearing your favourite workout fit can definitely have its benefits. 

Wear an outfit that you believe makes you look fly, feel strong, and look the part! This is a small, but important confidence boost when you're in the gym. Positivity is key, and anytime you're happy, feeling the best version of yourself, you'll get more out of your activities. 


3. Breathing Exercises

Relax, and take a deep breath... or breaths. 

It's okay to sit down, stretch out, inhale and exhale. Let your your inner-self prepare for your workout. Taking 5 minutes to meditate will help you mentally settle in for the workout you're about to do. 

4. Warm Up

Jump on the treadmill, dynamic stretch, or get in a few warmup reps in to break a sweat. One of the worst things you can do is go into a workout cold. You're neither physically or mentally prepared to workout, whether it's a low or high volume workout, a high-intensity interval training circuit like GT12, or a session with your Personal Trainer, your body and mind need to get on the same page before you start moving. 

5. Pre and post-workout nutrition

Prepare for your workouts nutritionally before and after.

Before, make sure to hydrate with water, or have a small snack at least 30 minutes before you start your physical activity. Those snacks can range from a banana, to oats, to yogurt, to light portions of protein such as chicken or fish, to allow your body to function at its tip-top shape during your workout. 


After, a highly-nutritious post-workout meal that is high in protein and full of nutrients are needed to help your body recover. That can be from chicken, lean beef, or seafood. If you're vegan, you can go with tofu, chickpeas, almonds, or beans!

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