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5 Activities & Things To Do On Your Long Weekend

Who doesn't love a long weekend? It's one extra day to spend with family and friends, and a little more time to ignore your work to-do list.Don't let the long weekend slip away from you in a bender of Netflix series and naps. Use your extra day to make some memories with friends, or fit in an extra-long workout session. 

To help you plan an epic weekend, we've got 5 things to do to ensure you make the most of your long weekend. 

5 Activities & Things To Do On Your Long Weekend
1. Start the camping season off strong

If you haven't been camping in B.C., you're missing out. No matter where you are across the province, it's pretty easy to find picture-eque camp sites. 

It can be easy to make camping meals into a full #treatyourself weekend. Check out our blog for some tips and healthy meals that are easy to whip together so you're spending your time doing what really matters–spending time with friends and family. 

5 Activities & Things To Do On Your Long Weekend

2. Take a hike! 

Just like camping sites, beautiful hikes are easy to find across the whole province. Whether you're in Kelowna, Victoria, or across the Lower Mainland, you're likely within 30-minutes hiking territory. 

Some of our favourites in B.C. are: 


  • Scenic Canyon Regional Park: moderate
  • Dilworth Mountain: easy 


  • Mount Wells: difficult
  • Swan Lake and Christmas Hill: easy 


  • Dog Mountain: moderate
  • St. Mark's Summit: difficult

3. Schedule a group workout in the park 

Friends who workout together, have more fun together, right? If weather permits, plan a circuit workout with your best pals at a nearby park. Get there early enough to leave time for post-workout brunch, or maybe even follow it up with a group hike! 

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5 Activities & Things To Do On Your Long Weekend4. Plan a healthy BBQ with friends!

Make it a staycation. Decorate the backyard, or bring down some Insta-worthy reusable plates, cutlery, and outdoor picnic gear for a beach picnic. 

Skip the packaged burgers and hot dogs. Make some homemade burgers with ground meat and eggs, and enlist friends to bring healthy side dishes

5 Activities & Things To Do On Your Long Weekend
5. Get the crew together for a Beach Volleyball tournament

You don't need to be signed up for a Rec League team to get in on the beach volleyball fun. Enlist the crew, and separate everyone into teams before the big day–pairs, threes, whatever works to make this an afternoon-long tournament. 

Make it even better? Pair it with a healthy BBQ to celebrate when you're done! 

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