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5 Snacks to Fuel Yourself at Work!

It's tough staying healthy at work, especially when it comes to snacking. 

It's so easy to reach into that pantry of snacks at work; salty, savoury potato chips, chocolate bars, carbonated soft drinks, sugary protein bars, etc. It's pretty much the hub of temptation. 

Well, to save you from indulging in those unhealthy snacks, we've put a list of 5 healthy, convenient, and tasty alternatives for when you need to fuel yourself throughout the day!

1. Fresh Fruit


As we all know, fruits provide a plethora of health benefits. They're a natural source of nutrients such as potassium, dietary fibre, vitamin C, and folate. 

Fruits help keep your teeth and gums healthy, assist in reducing the risk of heart disease, are natural antioxidants, and help maintain blood pressure levels. 

Not to mention, fruits are such convenient snacks! Throw 'em in a plastic bag, or a container, and you're ready to go without all of the luggage. 

Oh, and did we mention they taste great? Natural source of sweetness? We're all about that life. 

2. Nuts


Nuts are a great handful of a snack in any moment, whether you're watching a basketball game, your favourite T.V. show, or at the office amidst your work. 

Nuts, whether they're almonds, peanuts. cashews, pecans, or others, provide a great deal of health benefits, providing things like calcium, fibre, and are a source of protein, healthy fats, and can be anti-oxidants. 

Walnuts, for example, are good for the brain; they aid in reducing depression, and help prevent age-related diseases such as Alzheimers. 

Remember, everything is great as long as it's in moderation! Too much can lead to unhealthy habits, or worse! 

3. Veggies & Dip


Veggies and dip are a great way to get your daily vegetable intake; you add some flavour to some of the not-so-great tasting ones. 

As we all know, veggies are one of our main sources for a number of key nutrients that boost our immune system, improve our oral health, strong bones, reduces and control blood pressure and cholesterol levels, etc. 

But, it's not a true snack without some delicious dip! There are plenty of healthy options that are highly nutritious and provide some healthy fats! 

Some of our favourite dips that you can simply make at home are: 

  • ranch
  • garlic & herb
  • dill
  • roasted onion dip
  • tomato & garlic

4. Cheese & Crackers


Cheese and crackers, like nuts, are a great snack and a healthy alternative when eaten in moderation! 

This all-time duo satisfies hunger, provides a small source of energy, and brings a number of nutrients like fibre! Crackers are a rich source of whole grains that can reduce heart disease and high cholesterol. 

Cheese, on the other hand, is high in protein, calcium, and provides Vitamin A, contributing in building and repairing skin, blood, bones, lean muscle tissue, and boosts your immune system! Oh yeah, it's also delicious. 

This combo isn't messy, can be easily brought around, and is a cheat code to a healthy snack! Just remember, too much of something is never good. 

5. Hummus


Hummus is an awesome option for snacks, whether you decide to use it as a dip for your veggies, pita bread, your chips, or as a spread in your favourite wraps and sandwiches! 

Hummus is a thick paste, spread or dip made of (essentially) chickpeas and sesame seeds, olive oil, lemon, and garlic. It's a great plant-based source of protein, providing a number of benefits such as: 

  • rich in ingredients to fight inflammation
  • high in fibre promoting digestive health, helping your gut health
  • helps control blood sugar levels
  • helps in reducing risk of heart disease
  • promotes weight-loss/maintaining body weight
  • great for those with intolerances (hummus is gluten, nut, and dairy-free)
  • convenient, easy to make

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