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5 Reasons Why You Should Try The JumpSport Group Fitness Class

Do you have memories of jumping on a trampoline when you were young and carefree? Wasn’t it fun?!

Well, we’ve brought back a similar feel with the JumpSport Group Fitness class! Come experience this high energy/low impact specialty class, using a mini trampoline throughout. You can expect infectious drills that challenge stamina and stability, making this an unbelievable total body workout!

Here are my top 5 reasons for you to try the JumpSport class!


1. Low impact 

It is low impact. Many cardiovascular exercises can put extra pressure on the knees and joints. “Rebounding” is more effective as it is less impactful, and allows you to workout longer without putting too much pressure on your lower body.


2. Full body workout

JumpSport is a full body cardiovascular and strength training workout. You can expect every muscle to be worked in this class!

3. Internal benefits

This class has many internal benefits! Not only does rebounding reduce body fat and increase muscle mass, but it is also known for gently detoxification and increased blood flow!

Unsure of where to find this class? Download our SN Clubs app and search for “JumpSport” under the class icon to find a location near you!


4. More benefits! 

JumpSport improves stability and proprioceptive awareness. This will increase core strength, coordination, and can improve your posture. 


5. You will have fun! 

It’s Fun! I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t have a giant smile on their face for the entire class! If you find a workout that is not only beneficial, but is just as enjoyable, you are more likely to stick to it!

 Not a member but want to try JumpSport? No problem! Download your 7 day pass now and get unlimited access to 900+ group fitness classes! 

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