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5 Reasons to Add GT12 to Your Weight Training Routine

That GT12 is the best HIIT program in town, we all know. It helps you burn extra calories and improve endurance. What you probably didn't know is that GT12 is not all about cardio!

Our programs are designed to help you achieve YOUR  fitness goals, no matter what they are! And if your goal is to build muscle, GT12 is for you too!

Here are 5 reasons why GT12 will be a great addition to your weight training routine:


1. The program is always changing

One of the main reasons that people tend to give up on their fitness goals or become discouraged at the gym is because they have reached a plateau, meaning they have stopped seeing progress. The way that GT12 is designed is to have 7 different programs that change each month, that way you are constantly changing up your program allowing you to see results faster.

2. Learn something new!

Have you ever gotten stuck doing the same exercises over and over? Have you ever seen someone doing a super cool awesome looking exercise and wanted to learn how to do that? GT12 loves to add new and exciting movements and exercises into the program so that you get to learn a wide variety of exercises that you can then incorporate into your own program.


3. Quick in a pinch

Classes are designed to get you sweaty in 50mins. The class is broken down into 3 rounds of 45 seconds of work with a quick 20 second break between exercises. What this does is maximize the effects of the workout while not forcing you to spend all day in the gym. It is perfect for those who are limited on their training times. Training 3 GT12 classes a week can help you burn up to 1200 calories in a week helping you reach your goals.


4. Team environment

The class is designed for you and your friends, so bring them in! With a maximum class size 24 you will be working with a partner so you will always have someone to cheer you on or to push you that little bit extra, especially during that third and final round. The people in your class can help keep you accountable to your goals because if you miss a class someone is going to notice & ask where you were!

5. Try out a trainer

One of the best parts of GT12 is that you get to work with one of our amazing personal trainers! You will be fully guided along the workout with a trainer, having your form corrected, being taught a progression or regression of your exercise. This is a great way to have an idea of what it is like to work with a trainer and to gain valuable tips and tricks to ensure you are working out safely!


Ready to Experience the Power of Group Fitness with the Results of Personal Training? Download your FREE week of GT12 now! 

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