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4 Types Of Yoga You Haven't Heard Of Yet

Yoga used to be only for those with a bendy body and a focused mind. The combination of flexibility and meditative capacity made traditional yoga as mysterious as it was unattainable for many. Thankfully yoga has gotten more broad and accepting in scope but can still be somewhat confusing. 


4 Types Of Yoga You Haven't Heard Of Yet

In its simplest form, yoga serves to relax, strengthen, energize and empower. At SNFC, we have basic yoga formats (Hatha, Power, Flow), but also offer several other unique takes on the intriguing and undeniably beneficial practice.

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Read on for some yoga education and inspired class formats!

Yoga, in Sanskrit, literally means to yoke or unite. The union in yoga is referring to the mind, body, and spirit of the self (note: touching your toes and doing a full back bend is not a pre-requisite). At SNFC, all levels are welcome in any of our yoga classes. Our instructors are trained to provide modifications and options to ensure all participants get what they need out of each class. Regardless of the format, any yoga or yoga blended class will have the common goal of developing body awareness, breath control, flexibility, strength, endurance, and relaxation, all through various asanas or postures.

4 Types Of Yoga You Haven't Heard Of Yet

SNFC offers many options when it comes to yoga classes, so there is something for everyone.

Traditional classes such as Hatha Yoga, Flow Yoga, Power Yoga, or Yin Yoga are what you might find at a typical yoga studio. While these are all beneficial, we go beyond by offering unique twists on the yoga theme such as Joga, Yoga for Sports, Fusion and even Yoga Cycle to name a few.

Depending on your interests, goals, and fitness level, yoga can be relaxing and meditative or a sweaty challenge.

4 Types Of Yoga You Haven't Heard Of Yet

Let’s break it down so it all makes more sense:

1. Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga (or simply, yoga) is a traditional or foundational class offering a basic yoga practice. You will learn to challenge your mental and physical state while developing strength and balance, as well as improving posture and flexibility. This is the perfect class for beginners providing a well-rounded practice.

2. Joga

If you participate in recreational or competitive sports, chances are you don’t stretch enough and want to stay injury-free, making Joga a great option. This format known as “yoga for jocks” provides a physical challenge enjoyed by athletes of any type or level, while releasing tight dominant muscles groups such as hip flexors, quads and glutes. Expect to improve performance and reduce risk of sports related injuries when making this a regular part of your weekly training.

3. Yoga Cycle

For the true cardio junky, Yoga Cycle is a terrific hybrid class format. Spend the first 20-30min spinning to get your cardio endorphin release and calorie burn. With a body that’s well heated, you will be extra receptive to the following 20-30min of deep yogic stretches.

4. Fusion

One muscle group that traditional yoga practices tend to neglect is the core, which is why our hybrid class of Pilates and yoga called Fusion is such a success. It’s the best of both worlds and a highly effective way to sculpt and stretch while working on breath control and alignment.

Offering over 900 classes per week across 23 locations with some of the best instructors in the region, you’re sure to find great yoga (or yoga with a twist!) to keep you engaged and inspired.

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