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4 Reasons an At-Work Workout Buddy is the Best

Having a workout buddy is great! They can hold you accountable, give you extra motivation, and teach you new moves.

But finding the right fitness partner can be difficult. Friends work different schedules, one has to get their kids to school in the morning, the other lives too far to meet up for a quick group fitness class.

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Enter your at-work workout buddy. Finding someone you work with to help you meet your fitness goals can be more beneficial than exercising with friends or someone you met at the gym!

reasons at at-work workout buddy is the best

Here are 4 reasons an at-work workout buddy can help you reach your fitness goals, faster!

1. You have similar schedules.

You both work in the same space, and likely work the same hours each day. This makes finding a time that sticks, easy! If you’re both early risers, head in pre-work. Need a little mid-day pick-me-up? Make it a lunchtime HIIT session.

2. You are less likely to bail.

We’ve all bailed on plans with friends – it’s allowed. They’re forgiving. But bailing on a colleague is another story… you need to show that you’re reliable! Plus, if you’re heading to the gym at lunch or after work, you have someone to motivate you to get over there.

3. You have more in common than just work.

Ever have that work friend that you want to be oh-so-much-more? Maybe outside of the four walls filled with computer screens and drawn out days you would actually get along and be friends IRL (in real life). 

This is your chance to find out! Schedule in a few workouts after work – and reward yourselves with an awesome dinner!


4. You'll help boost office morale.

When there are two people working out together, coming in happier, and being more productive together, it will give your other colleagues a little boost, too!

Who knows, maybe you will be able to rally a crew together and make team workout dates out of it! 

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