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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Fear the Plyo Box (Exercises Included!)

Do you watch the people using the plyo box and wish you knew the tricks they did? We want to help you conquer your fear. 

You may have seen the plyo box being used in your gym primarily by trainers and athletes, but it really is a universal piece of equipment that can be used not only for box jumps, but can also be used to work many different muscle groups in the body!

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Try out these Plyo Box exercises to incorporate into a full body workout:

Box jump:

Using: Lower body strength, conditioning.

How to: Standing in front of the box, lower yourself into a quarter squat. Bring arms back behind hips and use as momentum to lift yourself off ground. Make sure you land in a squat, and finish by standing up tall. Remember to step off the box, rather than jumping off, as the ground is not as soft as the box!

Tip: Start with a small box that you know you can clear, and increase from there!

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Fear the Plyo Box (Exercises Included!)

Elevated push up mountain climber:

Using: Arms, chest, core strength.

How to: Lower yourself into a high plank position. Place feet on the box. Start the exercise with a push-up, lowering chest to ground, and returning to high plank. From there, lift one foot off the box and drive the knee towards your chest. Place foot back on box and bring the other leg forward. Repeat

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Fear the Plyo Box (Exercises Included!)

Bulgarian split squat

Using: Lower body strength.

How to: Stand in a split stance with 1 leg elevated on box. Keep your front foot flat on the ground and lower your body until back knee is close to the ground. Return back to standing and repeat!

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