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3 of the Best Vancouver Cycling Routes for Serious Road Cyclists

If you're a serious road cyclist, then you probably already have a few favourite cycling routes with varying degrees of length and difficulty that you regularly ride.
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If you're just starting to get serious about road biking, then have a listen. We've got your summer bucket list in the form of cycling routes. 

Here are our 3 Favourite Vancouver Road Cycling Routes:

3 of the Best Vancouver Cycling Routes for Serious Road Cyclists

Horseshoe Bay

If you live in North or West Vancouver, it's likely that you've cycled your way to Horseshoe Bay or Lighthouse Park on occasion. But it's those that live in Vancouver "proper" that will find this route a challenge. For starters, you have to cycle over the Lions Gate Bridge (and back–which is harder!).
If you haven't ridden to Horseshoe Bay before, you might think that this route requires riding on the highway, but it doesn't! You can actually ride all the way from the Lions Gate Bridge to Horseshoe Bay on Marine Drive, which is full of nice rolling hills–but it can be a bit narrow in spots, so you have to be careful.
Your destination, and half-way point, leaves you in the quaint area of Horseshoe Bay, which is the perfect spot for a quick rest on a park bench while watching the ferries come and go, to grab a coffee, or find some sustenance to help fuel your ride home!

3 of the Best Vancouver Cycling Routes for Serious Road Cyclists

Zero Avenue

Zero Avenue, if you aren't familiar, runs along the Canada-US border. Funnily enough, you won't see any signs or fences forbidding you to cross said border–you'll just see dense forest and one lone concrete marker.
You can ride Zero Avenue and its big, rolling hills all the way from Surrey to Abbotsford. It is a beast of a climb, and a serious strength building ride for recreational and competitive cyclists alike. 

The Triple Crown

When you're trying to get better at cycling, you have to climb. Over and over again, to build strength.
A popular choice for cyclists who are practicing their climbing skills is to ascend one of our local ski mountains on the North Shore–Cypress Mountain, Grouse Mountain, or Mount Seymour. 
But only the most hardcore cyclists will tackle the Triple Crown–which is all three in one day! You will earn mad respect (on Strava and IRL) if you can complete this ride. #StravaOrItDidntHappen

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