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3 Exercises That Will Make You a Better Hockey Player

Are you looking to accelerate your hockey game and start carving up the ice? Or are you looking to tie up your first pair of skates and try your luck on that frozen water?

Regardless, hockey is an amazing sport, our favourite national pastime and has connected people across the world! The best part, it’s never too late to give it a try.

Important things to know when you’re looking to get out on the ice the first time or improve your game–there are an insane number of workouts, tips ,and tricks to help you get yourself started. There are always new developments, new best practices, and different ways to improve your game.

Throughout that road of trying everything, here are my favourite exercises you can do in the gym to give yourself the edge the next time you step out on that ice: 

1. Ladder Drills

One of the most fun, heart rate pumping workouts you can do. It just so happens to help you be a better athlete too.

An amazing tool to work on your coordination, acceleration and deceleration while performing quick feet movements to enhance your overall foot speed. You can range from basic movements to complex hockey specific strides to help you regardless of your current fitness level.


2. Lunges

A great exercise to increase your balance and stability while adding power to your legs, and ultimately your stride, on the ice! Ample amount of variations of this exercise to allow you to progress or regress the lunges to fit your range of motion, core stability and strength. For beginners, try the static lunge: one foot behind and one foot in front; switch feet when complete. For more advancement, have your rear foot elevated on a bench with your front foot ahead, switch feet when your reps are completed.


3. RIP Trainer Twists

A staple piece of equipment for hockey athletes and those looking to have some additional fun in the gym. Work on your core strength, your rotational power and overall speed in all planes of motion with this tool. You can start with your basic rotations with your feet planted, arms straight ahead shoulder height and light resistance of the band. Rotate keeping tension in the band feeling resistance in your core, move at speeds comfortable and controllable for your body. As you progress, you can increase your intensity and speed of your movements.

Additionally, if your feeling ambitious and getting a good handle of your movements, use the rip trainer as if it was a hockey stick. Increase your power and coordination in your slap shot movements with your feet static and rotating through or completing the movements with lateral jumps side to side.


Keep in mind with everything, hockey is a fun, but tough, and intense sport. Your work in the gym should be matched with your work on the ice to ensure your understanding your body, your movements on and off the ice to ultimately be safe.

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