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Meet Idris, Personal Trainer & Serious #LifeChanger

Idris joined Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club (SNFC) two years ago as a Personal Trainer at our Delta location. As a Personal Trainer, Idris inspires and motivates clients to achieve or exceed all of their fitness and wellness goals.

Over the past two years, Idris has developed his skills and improved significantly as a Personal Trainer, which has allowed him to help more than one dozen clients lose over 40 lbs each. Although each of his clients has their own success story, one of his clients was recognized in 2016 as the SNFC Success Story winner. We are thrilled to recognize Idris for his enthusiasm and dedication to changing lives at SNFC!



Aside from the default motives of being a fitness enthusiast & having a passion to train others, I specifically chose to pursue my personal training career with SNFC as a result of the amazing environment. Prior to being a Personal Trainer with SNFC, I was a member. During that time, I was inspired by the trainer-to-member interactions I had witnessed and the Success Story posters spread throughout the clubs. I decided that I wanted to be able to share those same types of experiences with each of my future clients and SNFC was the perfect place to do so.

Why is health & fitness important to you?

A healthier life is a happier life. Keeping up with my health and fitness has always been important; whether it be through weight training, getting a good sweat on or just eating healthier. These lifestyle choices are vital for me to stay healthy, positive, and energetic, which I then pass on to my clients!

What is your background in fitness & sports?

Growing up, I played just about any sport you can think of, but nothing has been as mentally and physically rewarding for me as weight training – specifically a mix of powerlifting and bodybuilding.

What was your experience training Rupi, our 2016 Success Story winner?

I first met Rupi when I called to grant her an assessment. Right off the bat, Rupi and I connected and she believed I could make a difference in bettering her health. Although it was not easy for Rupi to commit to the gym, I helped her face her fear and focus on her fitness and health goals. Since then, Rupi has lost almost 50 lbs, crossed the finish line at the Vancouver Sun Run, and significantly improved her overall health & fitness, ultimately bettering her quality of life. This was by far one of the most rewarding experiences I was able to take part of as an SNFC Personal Trainer.


What makes a successful Personal Trainer?

A great Personal Trainer is a lot more than just a trainer; they are a coach, motivator, inspiration, and role model. They should exemplify what being fit is all about with a complete purpose to assist others in achieving their health and fitness goals.

Career Opportunities

With 1,000 team members serving over 100,000 members across 22 locations, we offer best-in-class fitness facilities where fun and wellness are built into our employer brand. We are growing throughout BC and are happy to be part of Canada’s healthiest province. A career with us means achieving all of your personal and professional goals! We are committed to training and developing each employee so their opportunities for growth are endless.

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