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Group Fitness Instructor of the Month: Shannon

Our Group Fitness Instructor of the Month brings an incredible amount of energy, encouragement and motivation to every class she teaches. Over the past four years, participants of Group Cycling, TABATA, The Works, PUMP and many others have had the great experience of this month's winner: Shannon from Steve Nash Fitness World Victoria.

Shannon’s mission is to make every class as fun and challenging as possible. One of Shannon's keys to success is her ability to create a friendly and inviting space for beginners. We are thrilled to award Shannon with the July Group Fitness Instructor of the Month award. Congratulations, Shannon!


What inspired you to get into group fitness and teaching?

Many things! Particularly the people, including my own Personal Trainer Renee (who happens to be a group fitness instructor here as well!)

I fell in love with group fitness by attending other instructors’ classes and decided one day that I wanted to help others feel the same.


How has being a group fitness instructor impacted your life?

Well, I used to be a very shy person, so it’s really helped me come out of my shell in that sense. I have met and made so many amazing friends in the industry, both co-workers and class members!

What advice can you give our members about leading a healthy and active lifestyle?

Something I try to put out there with both family and friends is, try not to look at physical fitness as “I must go lose/gain X amount,” then immediately stop training once you’ve achieved your goal. Think more long term: do you want to be 80+ and completely immobile due to lack of movement, or would you like to be 80+ and still be able to go out for a good hike or walk? We only get one life and one body. Take care of it the best you can, and listen to it when it’s hinting at you to take a rest day or two!

Shannon can currently be found teaching at Steve Nash Fitness World Victoria on Mondays, (The Works at 5 PM) Tuesdays (TABATA at 12:15PM), and Thursdays (PUMP at 5PM).


Our answer to building strong muscles from head to toe for increased metabolism and improved performance for any activity. Use a variety of resistance tools such as long bars, dumbbells, stability balls and your own body weight for a challenging yet adaptable class.

The Works:

A one-hour class using all styles of cardio and resistance training in an interval fashion. A combination style class for everyone, beginner to advanced. Expect Cardio of all sorts, including step, hi-low, and drills. Guaranteed to be boredom-proof!


Touted as "the world's greatest fat burning workout", Tabata is a simple yet effective interval training technique designed to boost the body's calorie burning mechanisms.



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