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5 Tips to be Healthier at Work

Sometimes, we forget about our health while we're at work. 

Work significantly hampers time, which forces the average, working professional or individual to lean toward convenient options when it comes to food, hygiene, commuting, and more. 

Here are a few tips to help you be healthier at work! 

Tip 1: Prep your daily meals

One of the hardest habits to get into is bringing your own food. 

Most people opt to eat out and buy lunch, putting a hole in the wallets while settling for unhealthy options. 

BOOK YOUR FREE NUTRITION CONSULTATIONBecause of the lack of time to cook meals on a nightly basis, the answer is to meal prep! Set aside time to go grocery shopping, cook in bulk, and portion for the amount of meals you'd like throughout the week. 

Things needed to meal prep are: 

  • ingredients
  • cutlery
  • a bag to bring your meals in everyday
  • reusable, recyclable and microwaveable containers
  • sauce containers

To have a breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner that you can pull out of the fridge on the way out to work will cut down your prep time, and will free up the rest of the evenings during the week. 

Tip 2: Bring a water bottle and healthy snacks



It's imperative that you stay hydrated throughout the day, even if your job isn't as hard with labour as opposed to an office job. Water will allow you stay on top of your game; it equals to a happy body, less headaches during the day, while cleansing the body. 

Healthy snacks are a great way to rejuvenate, boost energy, and concentrate. Snagging snacks during the day tend to keep you away from falling asleep, but it's not the best idea to down a bag of potato chips daily. 

Tip 3: Buy a stress toy or sensory items

Work can become stressful, tiring, and very dragging, especially if the day is going at a slower pace. Take out your anger, stress, or wake up by buying a squeeze ball, or a punchable enter button to relieve yourself from the stress in your chest! 


Tip 4: Stack your office cupboards or storages

Most people spend a bulk of their days at work, especially with those full-time, 9-5, Monday to Friday jobs.

Stack your storage room or cupboard with your own vitamins, supplements, healthy snacks, tea bags, coffee beans, and more that you can turn to when the snack cravings come alive, or are in need of a boost. To stay on top of your nutrition, you need to make sure that you're getting your daily supplements at work. 

Tip 5: Have a go-to bag for hygiene

Most people tend to forget about their hygiene during the day. Stay clean, care for your teeth, and groom yourself during the days of work. After lunch, bring a toothbrush or mouthwash so you can keep your breath fresh to take on those meetings for the rest of the day. 

Other items you can bring to care for your hygiene at work are: 

  • deodorant 
  • hand or body lotion
  • sanitizer
  • face wash
  • face towels
  • lip balm (i.e. chapstick)
  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • floss
  • mouthwash

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