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You'll Get More Than You Think Out of a Body Glide Class

Now that summer is coming to an end (noooo…!), it’s time to start prepping for fun winter sports. The great news is that skating, downhill skiing, and other activities that demand dynamic lateral movement are now easy to mimic without all that ice and snow with Gliding Discs.

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These little purple plates pack a punch and are a terrific way to add diversity and challenge to your workout regimen. You can find them in circuit-based classes such as The Works or Power Intervals for a good dose of glute work.

You'll Get More Than You Think Out of a Body Glide Class

For more extended use, check out our Body Glide class for a full body workout with the Gliding Discs.

Here are a few tips and what to expect from Body Glide:

Basics & Benefits

Lateral gliding motion is critical for gluteal strength and pelvic stability, reducing risk of injury, particularly in lateral athletic movements found in skating, skiing, basketball, and tennis. To use the Gliding Discs in a standing position, ensure that you always keep only half your foot on the disc so your heel serves as your safety stopper. You can also use the Gliding Discs under your hands or toes in a push up position, and under your heels in a prone position (lying on your back). The versatility and variety of these positions make for versatile exercises and activation of muscle groups that don’t necessarily get the attention they deserve.

You'll Get More Than You Think Out of a Body Glide Class

Cardio Drill Sampler

  • X-Country Ski: Standing on discs the with the balls of your feet, place one foot in front of the other. Quickly switch feet by sliding one foot forward and the other backward landing on the heels briefly. Keep switching as quickly as possible for 30 secs.
  • Sumo Squats: Standing on discs with the balls of your feet, angle feet outward to “hop” and slide into a deep wide sumo squat. Slide feet back together under hips. Repeat out/in movement as quickly as possible for 30 secs. Modify by sliding one foot out at a time.
  • Speed Skater: Standing on discs with the balls of your feet, slide right foot out to the right, slide left foot in to join right. Repeat by sliding left, slide right foot in to join left. Repeat as quickly as possible for 30 secs.

Strength Drill Sampler

  • Plank Twister: place hands on an elevated step platform (6-12”) and extend body into high plank position with discs under toes. Extend right leg out to side, then cross under body over to the left, then untwist leg back out to right. Repeat 10-15 reps, switch to left leg. Rest and repeat 2-3 sets.
  • Sliding Push-Ups: place discs under hands and get into a high plank position in preparation for push ups. Allow right hand to slide out to right when lowering into push-up, and slide right arm back to starting position upon rising back up. Switch to left arm. Continue alternating arms for 10-15 reps. Rest and repeat 2-3 sets. Modify to kneeling position if needed.
  • Hamstring Curls: lying on back, place discs under heels and bend knees to 90 degrees. Lift hips up towards ceiling by engaging glutes and hamstrings. Maintain lifted hip position while sliding heels out (knees almost straight) and then slide back in to 90 degree position. Repeat 10-15 reps, rest and repeat 2-3 sets.

Experience these exercises and more at your next Body Glide class! Check out our class schedule for classes near you that best suit your busy life.