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The Winter Workout Gear You Need 

 Working out outside, in the winter can be tricky. You start off cold, then end up sweating a pool halfway through your wet trail run

When you dress properly for the weather you can focus on your workout, not the weather.

We've got the winter workout gear that you need to have in your wardrobe for an epic outdoor session.


1. New Balance Heat Tight (mens) | 2. Nike Therma Fit Elite | 3. Quad Lock Case - Run Kit |
4. RYU Vapor Long Sleeve Top | 5. 
Nike Lean 2 Bottle Hydration Waist Pack | 6. New Balance Reflective Packable Jacket |
7. New Balance Heat Tight (womens) | 8. MEC Calefaction Headband |
9. New Balance Windcheater Jacket (womens) | 10. RYU Vapour Long Sleeve (womens) 


Fleece or insulated tights.

If you live in Vancouver, you may not always need these, but if you're in any of the cooler regions of B.C. having fleece lined or insulated (but sweat-wicking) tights are key to keeping your muscles and joints warm, and injury-free. 

winter workout gear you need

Gloves that let you change songs.

Things that are not fun: having a killer run sidetracked by a song that doesn't match your mood. Less fun? Taking your hands out of your gloves to change said song. 

With a pair of gloves that are compatible with your touch screen (like the Nike Therma Fit Elite) you keep your fingers toasty and listen to the song you want. 

A headband.

Whether it's a damp and cold Vancouver day, or a crispy winter afternoon in the Interior or valley, a headband will be a saviour for your ears. Find something that is sweat-wicking, and covers your ears well.

winter workout gear you need


Reflective outerwear

Wintertime means late sunrises (if the sun shines at all), and early evenings. Reflective outerwear is a must for all of those working out in the dark. 

Be sure to have a few reflective items: an outer shell jacket, and brightly coloured midlayer should work! 

A light base layer

Layering is a second must of outdoor winter workouts. The longer the workout, the warmer you'll get – but that doesn't mean you should start your workout in little clothing. Your body needs to warm up. 

Go for a light long sleeve that can work as a bottom layer in the winter, or the main event in the transitional seasons like early fall and late spring. 

winter workout gear you need

A warm and reflective midlayer 

Even if your outer layer is reflective, chances are you will remove this if you're out for a long run or hike. A reflective midlayer gives you that extra protection. 

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